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ideas: Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

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  • So you heard of minimalist styling. It means do away with excess.

    So for the bedroom, what excess can you discard to give your home bedroom a minimalist look? Let's review some ideas.

first “photo remodeling” idea

minimalist bedroom design

copyright image by https://123rf.com/

Looking to upgrade your bedroom?


  • We spend on average about 1/3rd of our life in the bedroom – that is approximately 8 hours each day – or using another measurement of approximately 2900 hours for the year. That is a lot of time to spend in one place.
  • So the most important piece of furniture is the mattress – something that gives us a nice, comfortable sleep during our time in the bedroom.
  • Other than the mattress sitting upon a platform or bed frame – to give us an elevated position to arise each morning – we really don’t need much else other than perhaps a dresser or drawer system to tuck in our clothes.
  • In other words, why clutter up the room. Keep is simple with the minimalist look. Just include those items you need for a good night sleep with some shelving or other for our electronics, books, and simple decor pieces.
    How a Minimalist Bedroom Helps You to Declutter the Rest of Your Life
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second “photo remodeling” idea

minimalist bedroom design

copyright image by https://123rf.com/

So what is minimalism?


  • Minimalism is all about living and doing with less. So for the bedroom, less is better. All you need is a nice bed frame holding up a nice mattress with some personal comforts such as pillows and blankets. That is primarily all that you need to have a good night sleep.
  • But wait a minute – what about a bedroom dresser – or night table – or bedroom chair for seating – and the many other bedroom furniture ideas for a stylish bedroom.
  • Minimalism doesn’t discount those items that you need – but rather doing with less and keeping it simple. It means simple design, simple tables, simple decor pieces and simple bedroom necessities that keep life simple and styled.
  • So nothing elaborate or bulky – nothing that disrupts the flow through the room. Just functional furniture pieces as needed for a simple life.
    What Is Minimalism?
  • farmhouse sconcestripod side tablevintage bell alarm clock

       some simplistic bedroom ideas to consider      

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third “photo remodeling” idea

minimalist bedroom design

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Addressing mimimalist styling


  • What minimalist styling do you see in this image:

      nothing fancy or elaborate. Just simple floating, glass frames with white backgrounds. These type frames match any neutral color that you choose for the wall.


      forget the headboard that you must dust and keep clean. Simply use some big, decorative pillows as your head-back that can be interchanged anytime you want something new.


      use the decorative screen a stand-alone decor piece and/or as divider that segments sections of the room.


      used to hold a reading lamp and perhaps a charging station for your electronic devices – all tucked away in a box for that clean look.

    Minimalism Just A Fad? Or Can It Really Help You Solve All Your Financial Problems?
  • privacy screenfloating glass picture framesbedroom throw blanket

       some bedroom decorating ideas to consider      

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fourth “photo remodeling” idea

minimalist bedroom design

copyright image by https://123rf.com/

Adding some simple decor


  • Minimalism doesn’t take away some nice decor pieces – it means to limit the number of decor pieces. Think of it as dusting. The fewer items you need to dust and keep clean, the better the minimalist style you are living.
  • So technically, keep your decor simple. Use few in number and simle in design. The less you need to clean the better.
  • And what goes above the bed? Two reading sconces for each bed side and an oversized, vintage clock. Something that can tell the time without having to reach your electronic device or watch.
    The Pitfalls and the Potential of the New Minimalism
  • leather headboardoversized wall clockdecorative books for shelf

       some wall decor ideas to consider      

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fifth and last “photo remodeling” idea

minimalist bedroom design

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Maybe something in between minimalism and maximalism


  • Perhaps living too minimalistic is is just too simple – it might stifle your creative thinking. So is there something in between?
  • That is up to you to decide; if you want to add bit more decor, go for it. Perhaps you can blend into the color scheme that makes it appear simple, yet decorative.
  • Something like in the image above. It has the bed frame, linens and foot ottomans all using the same color. Decorative, and yet simple in design and look for that minimalist look.
    This Emerging Style Combines the Best of Both Minimalism and Maximalism
  • teardrop pendant lightingyellow throw pillowsbedroom ottomans

       some added bedroom ideas to consider      

  • What comments can you share about
    your bedroom minimalist styles


IMAGES: minimalist/maximalist styles (new win)
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Cover image credit: minimalist bedroom design by Pixabay


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