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Get Back to Work … Down Into the Basement Home Office

You need to have your personal home office area – a place to work when you are home. A place to manage the home and bill paying. So how about setting up the home office in the basement.

Home Den Library

photo image analysis: Decorating a Home Den/Seating Area

Let’s analyze how you might decorate a home den/library. A room to sit and enjoy conversation and/or reading. Let’s analyze together this pic idea – gives you something to consider for your home den.

Living/Family Room

Living Room Style – Take 3 (Modern Look)

Welcome to 2019! Now let’s get decorating starting with the living room area. How about something new like a modern looking living room style?

Home Office

Modern Workstation with Computer and Work Area

Working at home as telecommuter? You need a modern workstation that has room for you computer, telephone and work area.

Home Office

Simple Classic, Yet The Contemporary Look

Looking for a home office. What kind of style? Should it be modern, classic or something in between such as the contemporary look. Let’s look at contemporary.

Remodeling Ideas

Renovation Secrets Every Homeowner Needs to Know

If you’re a homeowner who wants your remodeling project to be a smash hit, then these pieces of knowledge can open your eyes in a dramatic and lasting way.

Living/Family Room

Decorating a Luxury Living Room

So you have a nice, luxury living room area. So how should you decorate it? Let’s review some ideas and styles for living room space.

Home Entry Stairway

Spiral Staircase for That Creative Home Look

Imagine walking into your home and something just pops out. That would be a spiral staircase. Let’s take a view.

Swimming Pools

Some Ideas If Looking for Luxury Swimming Pools

Want to go for a swim? Then let’s try out my own, luxury swimming pool. Those are the words you would like to say. Because a luxury pool means a nice, entertaining swim.

Recreation Room

Making Room for Your Home Bar

Guests are coming over. What can you do for pre-dinner entertainment? You can invite them to join you into a drink at your beautifully installed home bar.

Home Entry Stairway

Have a Seat!, On This Home Entyway Bench

Knock! Knock! Come on in! Please sit here on our home entry bench while I get what you came for?

Home Den Library

Some Bookcase Styling Ideas for Your Home Book Library

When you have a bunch of books that need to be shelved, question is how to use bookcase styling to make your book display look great. Some tips below.

Home Den Library

Using White Bookshelves To Highlight Den Look and Decor

You have a den library. Looks a bit dark. Let’s liven it up by painting some bright colors on the walls. And then attach some creative white bookshelves to the wall. Place some colorful decor on the shelf and you now have created an exciting, bright new room.

Home Decor

Even the Simple Things Can Add To Your Home Decor

Wall shelf decor for apartment or small room. Notes: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate a small room or apartment – you just need to

Home Den Library

Antique Design and Decor for a Home Den

Antique design and decor for a home den. Notes: Sample view of an antique den. Let’s see what you can identify in decor. First glance, two antique floor globes and

Home Decor

Creative Studio Flat for Young and Active Man

Creative studio flat for young and active man. Notes: You don’t have much room in a studio flat. So you need to be creative with your decor. Use the height

Home Storage

Attic Room With Wall Shelving Unit

Newly designed attic room in orange with wall shelving unit, desk and armchair. Notes: Storage is always an issue in most households. The challenge is to make storage accessible and