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Decorating with Accent Chairs

So why and when would you use an accent chair? To bring in some color and sculptural design. Use accent chairs to add something different to your regular furniture design.

Nursery Room

5 Comfort Staples of a Modern Baby Nursery

When you want to create a nursery in your home for a newborn, you should make sure that the space is comfortable for the infant. Here are five of the things that are recommended by other parents to have a great nursery for your child.

Walls and Ceiling

Background Wall Color for Classic Book Collection

So you have a nice collection of classic hardcover books – books with beautiful hardback colors. So what background “wall” color should you have to accentuate your book display.

Remodeling Ideas

Making 2020 Home Improvement Planning for the New Year

Say goodby to 2019 and hello to 2020. This is the year to make some home improvement changes that will take you through the next decade.

Home Entry Stairway

Some Modern Stairway Styles That You Might Like

Stairs are stairs … correct? Well maybe in some homes. But in some decorative homes, the staircase is a major decor element that defines the room.

Home Den Library

Let’s View How to Store Books Using Bookshelf Ideas

Books covers can work nicely when decorating a room. The question is how best to display them. That is when you need nicely designed bookshelves to store and display your books.

Analysis Home Entry Stairway

photo image analysis: Making a Grand Entrance

Welcome to our home. That is something you would love saying if you have a nice entry way and foyer. Let’s analyze how that might be done.


Using the Color Light Rose in Furniture Decor

What color sofa are your thinking? Probably something that is very neutral. But have you consider something that has some color that works great with other colors?


Successful Furniture Shopping Tips for Everyone

You can make home improvements by replacing your furniture. Buy what kind of furniture? And what tips can tips can be provided that makes for a successful furniture find?

Structural Projects

Apps for Home Improvement Projects – Infographic

It’s so great to have a skill or capability to home improve. Not everyone can do this so when you can, you should be proud of the work you do.

Walls and Ceiling

What To Do With Your Walls – Some Creative Wall Decor

Your interior walls are your canvas – an area where you can be creative. So what kind of wall decor are you thinking of creating?

Living/Family Room

For That Rustic Look – A Log Cabin Living Room

Do you have a log cabin or log home? Then you might want a special kind of style for your living room area. A log cabin living room style!