photos: Rain Collection Systems for Rain Harvesting

Rain Collection Systems for Rain Harvesting

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  • In many areas around the world, rain water is a precious commodity. You don't want to waste it.

    Collecting rain water is smart thinking. So setting rain barrels and other collection items can give you the water when needed most.

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rain harvesting

Harvesting of rainwater outside in town garden


  • Rain harvesting, what is it? Simply what it implies. It is the harvest of rain water for later use.
  • These are valuable systems in dry environments where rain water is scarce.
  • Rain harvesting systems include underground aqueducts, rain collection tanks, and rain barrels.
  • The rain harvest is then used for consumption and/or watering garden and plants.
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rain water tank

Large rain water tanks collecting rain runoff


  • This rain harvesting system collects rain from the home’s gutter system.
  • Two large tanks store the rain water – purification of the water allows for consumption use.
  • These systems are ideal for arid areas.
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underground rain harvest tank

Illustration showing rainwater harvesting


  • These rain tanks are placed underground where the water can be kept cool.
  • You need to pump the water to irrigate the garden.
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rain barrel

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Simple rain barrel for rain collection


  • Simple and inexpensive rain collection system.
  • You can purchase rain barrels that fit easily under rain gutters
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rain barrel

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Another rain barrel view


  • If you don’t want to retrofit your gutter system, this rain barrel can be a nice alternative.
  • Tubing is set inside the gutter to redirect rain water into the barrel
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