photos: Rejuvenating Ways to Make Your Home a Haven

Rejuvenating Ways to Make Your Home a Haven

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  • Your home should be the place you turn to when you feel uneasy. It should calm you, refresh you, rejuvenate you, and soothe you.

    If your home doesn’t calm or restore you, then you need to follow some of these different ways to make your home a haven, from adding some Feng Shui elements to your space to investing in comforting textures and colors.

    These tips will make your home the place of repose you deserve.

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Add some Feng Shui


  • If Feng Shui sounds intimidating to you, don’t fret. There are plenty of Feng Shui tips you can use to introduce this ancient Chinese practice into your living room and other spaces in the home.
  • Since the living room is one of the main rooms in the house, you’ll want to pay attention to the energy it gives off.
  • Try painting the walls a color that’s more soothing than boisterous—pale greens and light blues are great choices. When you add these elements into one area of the house, you can determine their benefits before you implement the changes in other areas.
    what is Feng Shui? | an interior decorating guide
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Rearrange your lighting


  • Lighting is another key part of a calming space. When you use the wrong lighting in a certain area—fluorescent lights in the bedroom, for example—you won’t feel relaxed or comfortable.
  • Your best choice is to diversify the lighting in the room and around the house.
  • Try to have three sources of light in a room: one that lights up the room when necessary, one that’s more concentrated for when you need to focus, and one that’s softer for moments of relaxation.
  • When you can switch your lighting to fit your mood, you’ll find yourself a lot more comfortable in your space.
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Invest in comfortable materials


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Choose cleanliness over clutter


  • If your home isn’t clean, then it probably isn’t a haven. That said, a home also isn’t a haven if your stress skyrockets when you come home because it’s not spotless.
  • An organized home can relieve some tension, but you shouldn’t feel like you need to constantly clean. Try to incorporate chores into your daily routine rather than sticking to an intense cleaning schedule.
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Carve space for what matters


  • An additional way to make your home a haven is a bit more of a redesign project. We urge you to carve space in your home for what matters.
  • If you come home from work but your space still seems work-focused, then you’re not going to get a break. Make sure at least one area in the house acts as your go-to spot for calmness.
  • Create a hobby room, a plant room, an exercise room—whatever you need for a space that fits your needs.
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