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4 Roof Repair and Maintenance Tips

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  • Part of understanding your roof is knowing when it needs repair, and how best to maintain it so it holds its integrity over the years.

Roof repair can help you avoid things like a total roof replacement, so it’s best to perform needed maintenance regularly to help prevent further damage. There are numerous things that can impact your roof’s maintenance needs. Follow these four tips to help discover what’s right for your roof.

Match Shingle Colors

If you need to replace shingles on your roof, you want the roof repair to be seamless. Having a few leftover shingles from installation can give you a perfectly matched shingle color for repairs later. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer of your shingles to find the best match.

Inspect Your Roof Deck

Many people aren’t aware that their roof is leaking until water has been infiltrating for an extended time. Regularly inspect the underside of your roof deck in your attic to look for signs of water damage. This will let you catch leaks early enough to make needed repairs before they spread.

Check Your Gutters

One easy way to find out if your shingles are deteriorating is to check in your gutters. Look for granules washed from the shingles collected in the gutters. This may be a sign that your roof needs repair.

Don’t Forget Flashing

Your shingles aren’t the only part of your roof that may need repair; your flashing can also breakdown over time. Inspect and repair your flashing as needed as well to keep the rest of your roof in good shape.

Get to know your roof better with this infographic by Severe Weather Roofing, and perform needed roof repair and maintenance to keep it in good shape for its lifetime.


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