photos: Some Ideas for Placing a Billiard Table

Some Ideas for Placing a Billiard Table

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first “photo remodeling” image

billiard pool table

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Family room area with billiard table


  • Too often we are placing billiard tables within a dedicated recreation room or basement area.
  • There are many basement remodeling plans that convert the basement area into a rec room with billiard and other game tables:
    basement conversion ideas
  • But who says you can’t place a billiard table in your family or living room?
  • It is a nice looking furniture piece that can add to any decor theme you like.
  • Make sure the table is nice looking You can’t just put any styled billiard table in your living area. You need a table that is well-built with the classic or modern features depending on your room decor. This room has more of the classic look with coffered ceilings and Greek columns. The table design and pockets fit nicely with the style. What comments can you share?

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second “photo remodeling” image

billiard pool table

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Let’s take a look at the same image


  • We are looking at the same image as above but from a different angle.
  • In this image we see that the billiard table can be viewed from the kitchen area.
  • A perfect location when entertaining guests – a simple walk from the kitchen (with snacks and drinks) to join the conversation with those playing billiards.
  • Seems to be a lot of empty space That is true with billiard tables – you need plenty of space in order to shoot billiards properly. However, you may want to add additional seating to make the area more inviting. What comments can you share?

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third “photo remodeling” image

billiard pool table

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How about the living room or den area


  • This image has the billiard table in the living room area – or maybe the library den “hall” area that steps down to the living area.
  • The home has modern-style features – the billiard table is very traditional with interesting lighting.
  • Note the flooring – ceramic or porcelain tile – a nice looking floor – but a bit hard on the feet if you are serious billiard player.
  • You got to love the house plants The billiard table adds to the overall decor – but so do house plants. They are nicely spaced and given the respective height that looks very nice in this setting. We have more information regarding house plants:
    info: House Plants Can Help You Go Green
    What comments can you share?

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fourth “photo remodeling” image

billiard pool table

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Looking at it from another position


  • Again, it is the same image above but from a different position.
  • Looks more like a hallway with a step-down to the living room and exit door to the patio.
  • It’s the perfect space for the table – and it compliments the dark bookcase at the other end of the hall and the furniture pieces along the side.
  • Note the wood work on the table This is a beautifully designed table with nice billiard pockets. Just like a sofa furniture piece that you sit on, this billiard table is a furniture piece that you can play on. It can become part of any room. What comments can you share?

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fifth and last “photo remodeling” image

billiard pool table

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Is this the utility room or what?


  • Can’t really tell if this is an utility room or an extension of the living room area.
  • There seems to be a curtain partition that separates the two areas – so we will state that this is a utility/rec room area.
  • This is not what we had in mind to discuss billiard tables as furniture pieces – seems more like a billiard rec room attached to the living area.
  • Not what we would suggest The idea behind this post was the use of billiard tables as part of the living area decor. This could be your living or family room area, bedroom or den/libary. If that doesn’t work for your home, then placing a billiard table into a rec room with all kinds of recreational games will do. What comments can you share?

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