ideas: 3 Signs That You Need To Change Lighting Fixtures In Your Home

3 Signs That You Need To Change Lighting Fixtures In Your Home

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  • Your lighting fixtures provide artificial light and appeal to the interior of your home, as well as comforting glow for the whole family, day and night, thanks to their reliability.

    However, lighting fixtures are usually taken for granted.

    So, what happens when they malfunction or suddenly fail to light your way?

    What are the signs that you need to replace them?

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1: Flickering lights


  • Understanding why your lights flicker is crucial to your overall comfort and safety. If you have noticed increased flickering lights without making any changes to your home electrical system, then, loose wiring could be the problem.
  • This could be a switch failure, worn connectors, loose fixture wiring, or loose service conductors.
  • Here are the possible issues with lighting fixtures that cause flickering lights:
    • Loose Light Bulb

      It could be a problem with the light bulb if only one light is flickering. Light bulb components get loose over time, so screws need to be tightened. If this doesn’t work, try replacing the bulb.

    • Incorrect Type Light Bulb Type

      Flickering can be related to the type of light bulb you’re using. Fluorescent bulbs have a tendency to flicker, most especially when they power up or when temperatures are very cold.

      For LED bulbs, flickering has something to do with dimmer switches that usually don’t work well with low-voltage LEDs.

    • Wiring Mulfunction

      A flickering light could be an issue concerning poor connection. You can gently wiggle the switch or toggle it on and off. If it fixes the problem, you have to replace the switch.

    The Surprisingly Complicated Physics Of A Light Bulb

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2: Burning odor


  • If a burning odor comes from your light fixture, never ignore it. Disconnect the lighting fixture until you have fully determined the root problem of the odor.
  • One major cause of the burnt smell is overheating devices and electrical wires. Never use the light fixture again until a professional electrician repairs or replaces it.
  • Here are the possible reasons why your light fixture emits burnt odor:
    • Oversized Light Bulb

      For incandescent light fixtures, the burnt smell may occur if you are using an oversized light bulb or a higher wattage (more than the wattage capacity of the fixture).

      Always check the lighting fixture’s wattage rating so you’ll never exceed the recommended wattage.

    • Loose Electrical Connection

      Lighting fixtures may also emit burnt smell if the electrical connection or the lamp base or screw is loose, which is a result of excessive electrical flow resistance, causing heat resistance.

      Excessive heat makes metal connections loose (due to expansion and contraction), which can also damage insulation and start a fire.

  • Note: If burnt smell or even “misleading” animal odor is a problem with your electrical system, call an electrician immediately so they can evaluate and resolve the issue. Don’t use your electrical power in that specific area in the meantime.
    This Weird Smell Means Your Home May Be in Danger of an Electrical Fire
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3. No longer works or you want a new or more decorative lighting fixture


  • Sometimes, homeowners just want to replace their old lighting fixtures because these are no longer working, or they want a new or more decorative fixture.
  • While you can replace the fixture on your own if you’re familiar with your electrical wiring, confusion arises when using different methods of hanging light fixtures from the ceiling.
  • Lighting fixtures hung from the ceiling are designed to be suspended from a recessed metal electrical outlet box and fastened to the overhead beams. In most cases, a normal ceiling fixture is hung from or attached to overhead metal outlet boxes, depending on the connector type.
  • If you don’t have any background and experience in replacing light fixtures, it’s best to hire an electrician right away.
    Lighting Trends to Know in 2020
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How to choose best lighting fixtures


  • Some key points on selecting lighting:
    • Size:

      Size the decorative lighting fixture to maximize the space you have. Because not all foyers can accommodate a large chandelier, make sure that the measurements are correct. For a larger space, a larger lighting fixture is needed. .

    • Light It Up:

      Halls and stairways should have good general lighting. Prevent accidents by making sure that the stairs could be lit from top to bottom..

    • Over Counters:

      Go with decorative LED or fluorescent light fixtures centered over your kitchen workspace. If your kitchen measures less than 100 square feet, you’ll need two-lamp LED or fluorescent bulbs. Supplemental lighting requires up to 250 square feet.

    • Get Recommendations:

      Talk to a professional electrician and ask recommendations about the best lighting fixtures for a major replacement for the entire home. You might want energy-saving light bulbs and decorative ones at the same time..

    How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home
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  • You should replace lighting fixtures in your home if you observe flickering or burnt smell from one light bulb. Also, you can change your light fixture if it’s already too old, or if you want something new or more decorative.
  • While you can DIY a simple light fixture replacement, you should call an electrician for major light fixture projects.
    Should I Replace Outdated Ceiling Lighting Fixtures?
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