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Come See My Attic Home Office – Perfect Place to Work or Study

So you work at home … or maybe you need a work station for paying bills or managing home needs. How about converting the attic into an attic home office or study area.

Analysis Attic

photo image analysis: What to Put In the Attic Bonus Room

Your attic doesn’t need to be wasted space? Or even just space for storage. How about converting the attic into a study/playroom area. A place where your kids can play and learn.


Taking Your Old Attic And Converting Into ….

Do you have an older home with a run-down attic? How about converting attic and turn it into something new and exciting.


Attic Living Room

Relaxing conversation room in attic with fireplace Notes: Always a question on what you would like to do with the extra space in the attic. Yes, you normally use your


Attic Conversion Idea: Secluded Bedroom

Bedroom in an attic conversion with pallet bed and wooden crate on brick wall Notes: As your kids become teenagers, they start clamoring for their own bedroom. You can make


What Is In Your Attic Besides …?

Attic interior with storage shelves Notes: What is in your attic? Most of us would likely say too much junk. But some of that junk needs to be kept whether


How Can I Use My Attic Space?

Young women boxing, hitting a boxing bag in the attic. Notes: There are a number of ideas that can be considered for your attic space – it depends how much


Attic Bedroom with Stellar Sky Windows

Loft bedroom covered in hardwood floors with pictures, seat cushions and other decorations with slanted windows above. Notes: View the large sky windows that open the room to the stellar