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Home Den Library

Classic Chess Sets for Your Home Den Library or Office

You walk into your den library and what do you see? A globe, a beautiful desk with lamp, and what else? How about a classic or antique chess set. It will become the added touch you were looking for.

Home Den Library

Ancient World Maps As Library Den Decor

May we suggest using ancient or vintage world maps as part of you home den or library decor. It looks great and it opens your mind to ancient trade routes, navigation, explorers and more.

Home Den Library

Creative Wall Bookcases To Give Your Room Some Flair

We all have books … at least those we want to keep. So how do we display them without using the old fashion book case? Below you will see some creative designs for bookcases. It will give your room some flair and something that would be fun to decorate.

Home Den Library

Antique Design and Decor for a Home Den

Antique design and decor for a home den. Notes: Sample view of an antique den. Let’s see what you can identify in decor. First glance, two antique floor globes and