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Small Yard – How About a Patio Garden?

Patio garden ideas for small yard Notes: If you have a small garden, you might consider building a patio garden that give you both a patio and framed-in garden. You

Home Siding

Brick is the Mid-Option Between Stone and Vinyl

Large brick house with siding trim and tile roof Notes: There is vinyl, stone and wood siding. And then there is brick. Brick is bit more expensive than vinyl but

Exterior Decor

Exterior Window Shutters for Decor

Exterior window shutters for decor Notes: Many homes – particularly those in sunny and seaside areas – have exterior window shutters that open and close. When opened, they are attached

Ponds & Fountains

Flowing Water Is a Welcome Sound for Any Garden

Flowing water is a welcome sound for any garden Notes: When you think about your backyard oasis, you might consider installing a small fountain of flowing water. It doesn’t have

Roof & Gutters

If Using Asphalt Shingles, Make It Textured Shingles

If using asphalt shingles, make it textured shingles Notes: Most of us probably don’t think of our roof as a decorating piece. But that is where you may be wrong.


Your Garage Doors Can Make a Statement

Typical American home with two wooden oak garage doors. Notes: Your garage door makes a statement whether you like of not. Since the garage entrance takes up a lot of


Drafting Your Landscaping Plan

Landscape architect designing a backyard plan Notes: If you are looking to re-do your landscape, it may be worth the investment to hire a landscape architect. There are online programs


Natural Stone Landscaping with Running Water

Natural stone landscaping with running water Notes: Natural stone landscaping is become popular in many gardens – and there is so much you can do. This landscaping is situated along

Driveways & Walkways

Home With a Partial Brick and Asphalt Driveway

Home with front porch and partial brick driveway Notes: Can’t decide what type of driveway to have? It all depends on cost. Brick and stone driveways are most expensive in

Roof & Gutters

The Beauty of Cedar Shingles

The beauty of cedar shingles Notes: Selecting a roofing material is a challenge that must consider a number of factors other than cost. Your neighborhood is one – the type

Garden Furniture

Roof Terrace Hammock Under Pergola

Roof terrace hammock under pergola Notes: Perfect location to enjoy the outdoors if your live a city apartment building with your own roof. Note the grassy area that was planted

Decks & Patios

Wooden Deck Near Lake with Lighted Features

Wooden deck near lake with lighted features Notes: You have a beautiful, well cared for deck with sitting and lounge area. What else can you add? How about lighting up

Home Siding

Row of Colorful Townhouses with Varied Colored Vinyl Siding

Row of colorful townhouses with varied colored vinyl siding Notes: Vinyl siding is still King for many homes. What was once drab has now taken on new variations. Vinyl is


Does Every Garage Need a Workbench?

Carpenter workbench with many tools hanging in the background. Notes: If you are a DIY fixer-upper, you might consider having your own personal workbench either in the garage or other

Exterior Decor

Your Window Shutters Should Open and Close to Give the Full Function of Shutters

Big modern residence with spacious paved yard. Notes: Most window shutters are simply decor placements to imitate the classic shutter. Perhaps you might consider a real shutter that can open

Child/Teen Bedroom

Bunk Bed Bedroom for Any Child Age

Bunk bed bedroom for any child age. Notes: A twin over double bed bunk bed is a nice addition to any child room. Children often prefer to sleep down as

Exterior Decor

Big Modern Residence with Spacious Paved Yard

Big modern residence with spacious paved yard. Notes: Have you considered a paved yard as part of your exterior home decor? It is perfect for those sunny locations that experience

Garden Furniture

Lounge Rattan Chairs and Desk in the Garden

Lounge rattan chairs and desk in the garden. Notes: Every deck or patio needs a chaise lounge for outdoor relaxation. This modern rattan chair withstands most weather but it can

Ponds & Fountains

Nice Summer Backyard with Exotic Landscape and Pond

Nice summer backyard with exotic landscape and pond. Notes: Love the idea of a garden pond next to the deck so that you can enjoy the pond while relaxing or

Garden Planting

Backyard Vegetable Garden in Wooden Raised Beds

Backyard vegetable garden in wooden raised beds. Notes: If you are looking to grow a vegetable or flower garden, consider raised garden beds. Raised beds allow to add and control