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How To Design The Ideal Home Office

More and more people these days are working from home. While some are simply enjoying the perks of being allowed remote work by their bosses, others are freelancers taking advantage of a speedy internet connection.

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What To Do With An Extra Room?

No matter where you live, having a spare room in your home is almost unheard of. For the most part, people are usually in search of ways to gain additional space, not quite in search of ways to fill space they do not know what to do with.

Analysis Home Office

photo analysis: Setting Up Your Home Office

Some professional service workers are able to work from home on occasions – that is if you have the right setting up home office functionality. Let’s review!


Get Back to Work … Down Into the Basement Home Office

You need to have your personal home office area – a place to work when you are home. A place to manage the home and bill paying. So how about setting up the home office in the basement.

Home Office

Modern Workstation with Computer and Work Area

Working at home as telecommuter? You need a modern workstation that has room for you computer, telephone and work area.

Home Office

Home Office Decor to Increase Productivity

Working at home? What decor can you add to increase productivity? Let’s take a look at some ideas that can be easily implemented to your home office.

Home Office

Setting Up PC Monitors for Your Home Office – What’s Needed

Opening up a home office? You need to equip it with the latest technologies that connect you to your clients and buyers. Question is how many pc monitors will you need. It depends on what you do. One monitor may be sufficient, but you may need more.