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Roof & Gutters

Cupola with Weathervane

A white tabby building in the tropics with palm tree, cupola and weathervane. Notes: The cupola accents the extending dorm window. Adds height to the building. The weathervane adds a

Home Siding

Selecting Your Home Siding

Three roof peaks stacked on top of each other with different siding materials. Notes: Most homes usually come with one siding selection – vinyl, brick, wood or stone. It is


Keeping Your Garage Organized

Carton boxes and bikes in the garage. Notes: Ask yourself – is the garage for storage or your auto. If storage, then be creative to manage storage needs to make

Driveways & Walkways

Winding Walkway Through a Garden

Beautiful summer garden with a walkway winding its way through Notes: Block walkway with varying colors to add a design theme. The center walkway bordered by grey blocks. The entire

Decks & Patios

Covered Patio and Fireplace

Exterior covered patio with fireplace and furniture. Covered by wood ceiling with skylights. Notes: Slate or stone flooring for patio floor with an outdoor rug to soften the sitting area.

Exterior Decor

Nice Touches for Exterior Home Decor

Who says your outside can’t look as well as the inside …? Notes: Some key exterior home decor includes some columns with stone based pedestals. Wood roof shingles or other

Child/Teen Bedroom

Private Teen Bedroom Attached to Small Bath Area

When your teenager wants their own space. Notes: A small bedroom with bath for a teenage looking for their own space. Could be in the basement or attic for this

Swimming Pools

Deluxe Swimming Pool Connected to Patio

Now who wouldn’t want to have this in your backyard? Notes: This is not an inexpensive pool … not to mention the connected patio area and lounge area. Nice landscaping