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Inserted Wall Fireplace – Something Modern for the Classic Look

Have you viewed the modern-styled fireplaces? These are inserted wall fireplaces without any hearth or mantel. It just might work in your converted home style.


Wood Stoves For Heating Home and Kitchen Cooking

Back in the good ole days, home were heated by wood burning stoves. They were also used to cook on. Technology has moved us away from the wood stove. But it is a nice addition to have in the event of ….


Wood Storage Bins – A Must to Maintain a Wood Fireplace

If you have a wood burning fireplace, you need an area where your can store the fuel … a wood storage container. You can pick something from a very simple log bin to something more elaborate and decorative. Let’s take view!


Forget the Mantel – Build Your Fireplace in the Wall

Usually your find fireplaces with decorative mantels. But a new style to consider is a fireplace set inside the wall … without a mantel. It’s flush look brings out the sleek look of a beautiful fire scene.