photos: Tips for Installing a Fireplace in Your Home

Tips for Installing a Fireplace in Your Home

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  • A fireplace can be a great addition to your home.

    It provides light, heat, and beauty that can make a house feel like a home, especially during these cold winter months.

    Here are some of the more pertinent tips that will come in handy when you’re looking to install a fireplace.

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Style consideration


  • There are lots of choices when it comes to styles of fireplaces that are available. Even taking the basic models into consideration, you can change the aesthetic appeal in your home by how you want it set.
  • For example, a modern fireplace surround can impart the look of elegance. However, a more traditional fireplace could include the addition of a mantel and surround to dress up the existing fireplace box.
  • Stone is another classic look when it comes to encasing your fireplace choice.
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Fuel sources


  • In addition to stylistic options, there’s also your fuel source to consider. Many new fireplace additions use gas as the combustion source. This is because of the ease of installation into your existing home.
  • In more rural areas, wood burning stoves may be more common.
  • A wood burning stove comes with more drawbacks in that you need to have a chimney that goes up and out through the roof of your house. A gas based system can be outfitted to fit the fuel source that’s available in your region.
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Venting guidelines


  • When it comes to venting a gas fireplace, you have a few options. There’s the more traditional liner up an existing chimney when you’re retrofitting.
  • Another good option is to install a direct vent fireplace insert. This allows you to have the greatest flexibility in placement and available lines of style.
  • The only thing that you’ll need to worry about with a direct vent is that it isn’t too near any of your windows so that the exhaust doesn’t reenter your home.
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Determine usage needs


  • How much you plan on using your fireplace and whether it’s your primary source of heat or just supplemental will make a difference in the features that you’ll want.
  • A larger insert is more appropriate when you’re trying to heat a large space. Another thing to consider is the use of a fan in order to aid the circulation of the heat.
  • For a decorative fireplace, you can get away with a smaller insert that won’t require a fan.
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Determine usage needs


  • Laying out the needs of your fireplace is the first place to start when you’re making installation decisions. Use these tips to help you get started on the process.
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