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What To Do With An Extra Room?

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  • No matter where you live, having a spare room in your home is almost unheard of.

    For the most part, people are usually in search of ways to gain additional space, not quite in search of ways to fill space they do not know what to do with.

    So if you are one of the lucky ones wondering what to do with an extra room, there are a million different things you can do.

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custom home renovations

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An expert’s advice on what to do with that small spare room


  • No matter what you decide to turn your spare room into, there are some general tips that might help you organize the space more easily.
  • If you’ve already used this room for something, but want to change its purpose, try to see if there is anything in it that you could make use of.
  • For everything else, you may want to return it elsewhere in your home, or rent out a storage unit through a company like and get those things out of your hair.
  • Mirrors and reflective surfaces are a great way to provide the room with a feel of more space, even if it is tiny in reality.
  • Use white for your walls only if the spare room has a lot of natural light. If it doesn’t, you can turn to moodier, darker colors. White without natural light can seem quite gray and dull.
  • Be clever when choosing furniture. Always have the purpose of the room in mind, but also think about what will look best in a cramped space.
    what are some small spare ideas that can be shared
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attic guest bedroom

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A guest room


  • If you are wondering what to do with an extra room, turning it into a guest room may be the most obvious choice. If you haven’t already decided on it for your bedroom, it’s probably quite limited in space.
  • While this might be annoying for someone on a day to day basis, it might just be enough for a house guest.
  • It will probably provide you with a lot of joy to be able to host friends comfortably. Your old college roommate or a cousin you don’t see enough of will be more likely to visit.
  • Also, if the room is already set up as a bedroom, it will be really easy to turn it into a children’s room in case you decide to expand your family.
    what are the 21 warm and welcoming guest room ideas
  • hard wood palletspallet bed framegrey window curtains

       some guest bedroom ideas to consider      

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Reading nook


  • Every voracious reader dreams of having a special reading nook their whole lives. People often choose to do this with attic-type spaces with slanted roofs.
  • There are traditionally not quite fitting for any activities that require a lot of standing up.
  • If this sounds like an ideal choice for you, you don’t really need an expert’s advice on what to do with that small spare room. You need a comfy chair, a wall of shelves for all your favorite titles and a steady source of light.
  • Depending on your aesthetic, you could even get a bean bag chair for maximum comfort. Consider banning phones from this room altogether. This will help you keep a steady attention span and provide a truly relaxing space.
    how to create the perfect cozy reading nook
  • reading nook chairreading nook club chairwall bookcasereading lamp

       some reading nook ideas to consider      

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home office decor

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Library/home office


  • If you already have a bookshelf or, if you’re lucky, a whole wall of shelves in your reading nook, it will be really easy to turn it into a home office if need be.
  • If you start working from home more, you can easily add a small desk and chair to the space.
  • You will already be used to this room being a room of focus and concentration. Your productivity won’t be threatened like it might be if you are working out of your bedroom or living room.
    DIY home library design & organization ideas
  • wood desk tableadjustable standing deskpallet tablechalkboard wall paint

       some working at home ideas to consider      

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enjoying home theather movies

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Media room/home theater


  • This idea is also among the more popular or obvious ones when it comes to deciding what to do with an extra room. You’ll typically need a couch and a TV or screen with a projector for playing movies or TV shows.
  • Instead of a couch, you can always fill the space with bean bag chairs as well.
  • Most people use their living rooms for watching movies or enjoying other media. However, having a separate room for these activities may be quite beneficial.
  • For one, lots of people are used to falling asleep to the sound and flicker of a screen. It often stays on throughout the night. Research has shown that this habit actually influences our sleep cycle negatively.
  • A media room will not only ensure you have a place to have fun with your loved ones but also that you develop healthy habits.
    how to create a show-stopping media room in your home
  • large TV monitormedia speaker systemTV standtheater chair

       some home media ideas to consider      

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