ideas: 4 Window Options for Your Springtime Renovation Project

4 Window Options for Your Springtime Renovation Project

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  • A naturally illuminated home is as refreshing as a fresh breeze of spring. Natural light makes your home appear lively and welcoming.

    Window styles not only make art come alive but also ensure the natural sanitation of your home.

    Consider these four innovative styles to incorporate into your window remodel project:

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window options

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Clerestory windows


  • Some window designs are meant to offer privacy while maintaining its true promise of healthy light diffusion.
  • This means if you’re looking to create a private setting but do not want to compromise on receiving proper sunlight, your best bet would be Clerestory styled windows.
  • This window style sets the window above eye level and channels light right through the roof area.
  • Clerestory windows are usually placed above cabinets in the kitchen or in bathrooms. They help evenly diffuse light entering the room and maintain privacy. If you’re hoping for a home with plenty of natural light, these windows could be for you.
    12 Striking Examples of Clerestory Windows in Modern Homes

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window options

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French patio or porch screens


  • Pane screens can be seen as unique modern styled windows that offer complete visibility. A patio window characterizes the role of walls and windows at the same time.
  • It is not only used as an intermediary between the home and the outside world but it can also be installed inside the house, connecting one room to another.
  • A formal dining room is one such example. Patio windows offer maximum aesthetics to a home. It also naturally disinfects the inside of the home by allowing maximum sunlight to channel through.
    Remodeling 101: The Ins and Outs of French Doors
  • french doorspatio doorspatio screens

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window options

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Bay window


  • A Bay window entails a good amount of wood content as opposed to just glass. The window style carries a classic kind of beauty, reflecting the elite architecture of the 16th century.
  • With many window panels forming the frame, a bay window helps with privacy and illumination of shape.
  • These windows can also be adjusted to let in additional light. These windows can be a design element all on their own. They add a touch of detail to your architectural design.
    Bay Windows vs. Bow Windows – Two Kinds of Beautiful
  • window shadeswood window blindssmart blinds

       some window blinds and shade ideas to consider      

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window options
window options

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Double glazed windows


  • A window can be single, double or triple glazed, depending on the number of panes of glass it has.
  • Double glazed windows in essence offer the benefit of trapping noise and minimizing it. This is done by restricting the flow of air by and holding it between the two glasses.
  • This also makes double glazed windows a great source of energy efficiency by functioning as thermal glass and preventing heat from escaping. If you’re someone who enjoys light, privacy and energy friendly features, this window style would be the right choice for you.
  • QUESTION?Whenever you select windows, be sure to determine your preference in relation to your needs. This would help make sure you don’t have to redo the interior and exterior of your home unnecessarily.
  • double hung windowscasement windowswindow hardware

       some window type ideas to consider      

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