photos: Classic Chess Sets for Your Home Den Library or Office

Classic Chess Sets for Your Home Den Library or Office

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classic chess set

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Vintage wood chess sets


  • Chess sets are a great addition to any home den library or home office.
  • They function as a decor piece as well as a game set to play with another chess enthusiast.
  • These chess pieces could be simple or if you are collector, something from the vintage era.
  • The pieces illustrated above are hand carved wood pieces from long ago – a collectors item.
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antique chess set

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Attacking army chess set


  • Another example of a wood-carved chess set dressed as two opposing armies.
  • Note the weaponry of each chess piece.
  • A great conversation piece for any chess enthusiast.
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ivory chess set

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Ivory chess set pieces


  • Ivory is a banned product – so finding an ivory chess set is a treasure.
  • Ivory makes a beautifully carved piece that is smooth and shiny.
  • You need to take special care of ivory to maintain it’s value: see ivory care
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glass chess set

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Pure glass chess set


  • Glass makes a beautiful chess set especially under the glare of soft lighting.
  • Glass figures can come in any color that matches your room’s theme.
  • Class will need to polished so often to maintain its luster.
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gold chess set

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Gold n’ silver plated chess set


  • Okay!, you want to own the ultimate chess set for your personal collection.
  • How about a gold n’ silver plated chess pieces?
  • Like any collectors piece, you need to secure them from possible theft.
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