ideas: Creating a Stairway That Will Impress Yourself

Creating a Stairway That Will Impress Yourself

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creating stairway

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Gaining access to something higher (or lower)


  • You may have an attic or loft area (or perhaps the basement) that needs access with some stairs.
  • Perhaps a renovation that allows room for upward staircase.
  • So why not create a stair style that is different and perhaps stylish.
  • Something that you will be proud to display with friends and on your social media.
  • A staircase without a railing Very modern looking – would go great with a loft or basement. The question is safety. Certainly not something you would want if occupants of the home are elderly or less stabe. But for others, just make sure the step boards are wide enough for easy climb and descend.
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creating stairway

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Simetimes room area is tight


  • You may have a tight space where a staircase will fit – like access to the attic and downstairs from the 2nd floor master bedroom.
  • Your solution is a spiral staircase – with runners and a rail.
  • It only requires a small hole in the flooring for stair access.
  • The railing is important Spiral staircases are steep – you could easily slip if you are not careful. So a railing – along with stair rugs or runners will help you keep your footing.


    spiral staircase kitstair rugs

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creating stairway

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Changing out the stairway


  • Maybe it’s time to revamp your stairway – to make more appealing, of course.
  • That is possible if you have enough room – or you may need to remodel your area to make more room.
  • Is it worth it? Depends on the staircase style you select.
  • Open staircases Open staircases are much more attractive than staircases that are closed (meaning bordered on each side by a wall). Now if you could put a curve in the staircase, you have added to the appeal.


    metal fishtopiary trees

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creating stairway

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Space saving staircases


  • Sometimes space is really an issue – even for a spiral staircase.
  • Something like from the upstairs hallway to the attic.
  • You might look into space saving staircases – climbs like a ladder but with some style and design.
  • When space is the issue Like access to a loft or attic from a corner area of the room. These staircases are quite decorative. And they function well to give you access to where you need to go.


    space saving staircasestaircase murals

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creating stairway

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Instead of a kit – build it


  • Again another look at a custom-built, space saving staircase.
  • A great solution for small homes, cottages and apartments where you don’t have enough room for a flowing staircase.
  • It’s straight up! So hold onto the railing; it’s like climbing a ladder. Going up may be easy, but coming down may not. So include a railing and stair step pads to avoid slipping.
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