ideas: Landscape Spot Lighting to Give Your Home Life After Dark

Landscape Spot Lighting to Give Your Home Life After Dark

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  • Spot lighting is a landscape decor to illuminate your home and garden. When you have a home or landscape design that is nice, adding spot lighting increases the beauty of your exterior view.

    You have solar and wired spot lighting. To achieve maximum light and length of illumination, you need to wire your outside for spot lighting. Use solar spots for smaller areas.

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exterior spot lighting

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Exterior landscape spot lighting


  • Homeowners use spot lighting to light up their homes – and why not?
  • When you have a home to show off, position spot lighting to illuminate the exterior and entry way.
  • Spot lighting is also a great deterrent to would-be prowlers.
  • Homes equipped with spot lighting also have a greater resale value.
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landscaping lighting

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Modern house with outdoor lighting, at night,


  • Landscape spot and other garden lighting work perfectly for an isolated or farm homes.
  • It can get really dark without city lights illuminating the night sky.
  • Landscape lighting will keep you from feeling that you are all alone.
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third “photo remodeling” image

garden lighting

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Lights shining up a nice garden


  • Spot lights work great to light up a tree, wall and walkways.
  • Note the use of well lighting to illuminate the pond area.
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fourth “photo remodeling” image

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Bamboo trees on night time


  • Another example of landscape spot lighting to illuminate a row of bamboo trees.
  • Spot lights can be positioned to shine up or mounted on the home to shine down on a landscape feature.
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fifth and last “photo remodeling” image

landscape spot lighting

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Night view of modern, saburban home


  • Using spot light to illuminate a walkway or other entryway is also safe when friends come for a visit.
  • Note the difference between this home and the neighboring home.
  • See how much better the overall landscaping looks at night.
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