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ideas: Why Go Solar? 5 Reasons to Make the Investment for Your Home

Why Go Solar? 5 Reasons to Make the Investment for Your Home

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  • According to experts, a solar energy system for a conventional home can cost between $35,000 and $45,000. You may think it's too expensive. You're probably asking yourself, why go solar?

    While installing a solar energy system can come at a hefty price tag, its advantages outweigh the costs. Still thinking twice about going solar?

    We'll tell you why you should add a solar energy system to your next home renovation project. Here are the top five benefits of going solar.

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going solar

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1) Lower your electricity bill


  • Learning the top reasons on why going solar is the first step to make an informed decision before investing in solar panels. The cost of a solar energy system might have you thinking twice about going for it.
  • The most obvious reason for investing in solor in lowering home energy costs such as electric and water heating.
  • If you choose to install only a few solar panels, you’ll be able to lower your electricity bill. However, your savings can skyrocket if you choose to install a solar energy system to run all your home appliances.
  • Believe it or not, you may even eliminate your energy bill depending on your system.
    How much do solar panels save in electricity
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going solar

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2) Earn tax credits


  • As if lowering your bills isn’t enough, federal and local governments offer tax credits for installing solar energy systems. While federal tax incentives apply to residents nationwide, every state has its own tax rebate and incentive programs.
  • Local solar companies can provide insight into the programs available in your area. It’s recommended to consult your accountant as well to obtain insight into how to claim these credits on your tax returns.
    Solar tax credit – everything you need to know
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going solar

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3) Increase your home’s value


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going solar

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4) Safety net during a power outage


  • Depending on your location, you may endure hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, among other natural disasters. These weather conditions may cause power outages.
  • If you go solar and add a battery, you won’t have to worry about it. Your system will store the energy you can use during a power outage.
    Solar-Plus-Storage 101
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going solar

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5) Protect your environment


  • Global warming, carbon, and water pollution are some of the consequences of fossil fuel burning as an energy source. If we stick to these practices, future generations won’t be able to enjoy a natural and healthy environment.
  • When you install a solar energy system, you’ll be protecting the planet and reducing pollution.

    it all depends on figuring out your energy needs and hiring the right solar company for the job. Make sure to consult experts with vast experience installing solar energy systems in your area.

  • Ask them about your solar energy options. You can ask them to provide a quote dividing your project into phases. Choosing to go solar in phases might make your switch more feasible and easy to budget for.
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