ideas: photo image analysis: Building a Smart Energy Free Home

<span>photo image analysis:</span> Building a Smart Energy Free Home

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  • How would you like your home to become totally self energy efficient?

    That doesn't mean living off the grid, but rather producing your own energy where grid costs come down to zero.

    Let's explore further!

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auto charging station

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What do you see in the image above?

  • There is so much talk: everyday in the political and social arena are discussions for the need of cleaner, renewable energy. But what does that mean for the individual home owner? Should you or would you want to retrofit your home to become completely independent for home energy use? That depends on the cost/benefit analysis:
    INFO: see topic: solar energy pros & cons
  • Nice to be prepared: it also depends where you live. If you live in regions where there aren’t any disruptions of power and the cost of energy is fairly inexpensive, then maybe the conversion is not cost beneficial.
  • But what about the future? Do you believe homes in the future will be more self-sustaining? If yes, then a home conversion might be the right investment to make keep your home up with times and more marketable.
  • So what is a self energy efficient home?:
    • a) it uses renewable energy sources:
      the home will have self-producing energy sources such as solar roof panels, wind turbines, and other in-the-future gadgets. These renewable sources could technically produce enough energy to run basic electrical sources inside the home, charge your EV, and store excessed energy produced in a battery pack or standby generator for use later on:
      INFO: how much energy does a solar panel actually produce?
    • b) has a charging station:
      we can anticipate an increase of electric vehicles (EV) over time as more consumers shift to energy-efficient cars. That would require your home to be equipped with a charging station that is sourced from your renewable energy to power up your EV. The perfect use of your renewable energy to charge your automobile. That would be an added value to your home:
      INFO: about EV 101 |      about charging your EV at home
    • c) connects to a home battery or generator:
      electricity produced and not used during the day can be stored in the generator for later use, such as during the night when sun and wind many not be producing:
      INFO: combine the power of generators and batteries with your solar system
Final observation:

In most cases, you will need to stay connected to power grid supplied by your local utility provider for days when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow – or when you use excess electricity for heatingn or cooling. But on those sunny and windy days, you could produce more-than-enough electricity to sell back to the grid in the form of electrical credits (depending on your area).

These credits can then be used during down times when you are using the grid. That could mean you could become completely self-sufficient in energy consumption – meaning your utility becomes zero. Something to think about as new home trends begin to incorporate renewable energy technologies.

comment or two about your energy efficient home!

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