ideas: Good-Bye August and the Hot Summer

Good-Bye August and the Hot Summer

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  • It's time to say good-bye to August and the hot summer days. Looking forward to some cool, fall nights.

    It's nothing new. So let's take some time to plan for next summer - where you can fully enjoy the summer heat.

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good bye august

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Saying good-bye to summer


  • There are two events that occur during the closing days of August.
  • First event: need to start bringing in the harvest – many fruits – grains – and garden vegetables are ready to be picked and processed:
    INFO: see our posting on bring in the harvest
  • Planning for a garden next year – and perhaps a fruit orchard – can make August more fulfilling even if the weather is hot.
  • Second Event: it’s back to school – time to get your kids ready with the lastest fashions and supplies.
  • Getting college ready: If you kid is nearing college age – starting or in High School – may we suggest you jump over to our comprehensive college planning center?
  • It will prepare your child on what’s needed to plan and get into college. That will make next August less stressful for you and your child as they inch closer to starting college:
    INFO: comprehensive college planning center

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good bye august

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Installing a backyard swimming pool


  • What will make July/August of next year to be refreshing and cool? You know what the answer is!
  • Imagine having your personal backyard swimming pool that you can jump into to relieve the summer heat.
  • And don’t forget the many parties and gatherings with friends and family during those dog days of summer.
  • Start planning now? if a backyard swimming pool is the answer, start your planning now so that construction can be completed by end of Spring. Yes there is a cost – but you can find affordable pools that they include other options:
    INFO: view our complete section on swimming pools

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Beat the heat


  • Air conditioning is a life-savior when it comes to summer heat and humidity.
  • But is comes at a cost – not to mentioned brown outs that may occur during a very hot weather spell.
  • So for next August, look for ways to keep cool and comfortable but also to keep cost down.
  • How is that? 1) portable air conditioners: you can use them in rooms where you work or reside without cooling the entire house.
  • 2) personal AC units: best for sleeping – cooking in the kitchen – working at your desk – again use these where you are without cooling the entire house.
  • 3) cooling fans: both ceiling fans and room fans. They don’t cost much to run and can help circulate air to keep rooms cool.


    portable air conditionerpersonal air conditionercooling fans

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good bye august

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A 2nd home next to a beach or lake


  • If circumstances allow, how about purchasing a second home for next year as an ocean front or lake side.
  • Being next to large body of water with water-driven breezes can make your next summer more bearable.
  • And for those days you won’t be there, you can open it up as a rental.
  • It’s a question of living and working Yes!, you can spend the summer months in your beach or lake side home – as long as you can work electronically from your summer home. It will depend on the type of work you do. But wouldn’t be nice to leave the “big city” and spend the summer at another location. Your family would love it.


    internet boostersethernet power adaptortopics: setting up a home office

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good bye august

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Cooking outside


  • One way to keep the interior home cool next year is to cook outside – that would avoid heating up our home for baking and other over prep dishes.
  • So planning an outdoor kitchen can help keep the interior home cool – and the exterior home “hot and trendy” using the popular additions of patio kitchens.
  • And for entertainment most definitely! Add a patio and/or ceiling fan to keep temperatures down as you cook – grill – and serve your favorite dishes to family and friends.


    outdoor ovenswall mount patio fans

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