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ideas: How Trees Can Ruin Your Roof

How Trees Can Ruin Your Roof

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  • Trees can benefit your garden in a lot of ways. They add beauty, shade, and privacy, and they provide refuge for both birds and insects.

    Sadly trees can cause a few problems of their own, especially if they start to grow over the roof. Over time they can begin to damage the roof in a few different ways, and these issues can be expensive to fix.

    Here are four ways trees can damage your roof (and how you can prevent further damage).

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how trees can ruin roof

copyright image by Pixabay

Dangling branches


  • Dangling branches can cause damage to your roof, even if they don’t weigh much. Many people assume that only big branches cause damage due to their weight, but in reality, little branches can be just as problematic.
  • This is because hanging branches will lead termites and other insects onto the roof, making it easier for them to cause structural damage and get inside your home.
  • You can avoid this by pruning trees so that they don’t dangle onto the roof. It is also worth avoiding trees that have cladoptosis, as this means that they are more likely to shed branches onto your roof
  • You may also want to move trees to the end of the garden, away from the house, especially if you live in an area that is prone to high winds or hurricanes.
    Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Plant a Tree Too Close to Your Home
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how trees can ruin roof

copyright image by Pixabay

Falling leaves


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how trees can ruin roof

copyright image by envato

Moss growth


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how trees can ruin roof

copyright image by twenty20.com

A falling tree


  • A falling tree can also cause catastrophic damage to your roof. While it is generally hard to predict if a tree will fall or not, sometimes it is clear; if the tree is rotten or ancient, or very thin, it is far more likely to break and damage your home.
  • If you have trees like this next to your roof, you want to consider replanting them or cutting them down.
    Tree Branches Hanging Over or Touching Roof? Do This…
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how trees can ruin roof

copyright image by Pixabay

How to protect your roof


  • You can ensure your roof is protected by hiring a tree trimming company to come around and maintain your trees. This doesn’t need to happen often; once or twice a year should be more than enough, especially if you only have a few trees.
  • When they visit, they will prune any trees that are causing problems, and they will also be able to tell you if any of your trees are rotting or damaged.
    Roof Cleaning 101 – The Complete Guide
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Cover image credit: how trees can ruin roof by Pixabay


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