photos: Keeping Your Landscape Watered

Keeping Your Landscape Watered

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lawn irrigation system

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Automated lawn irrigation system


  • It is very hard – and sometimes almost impossible – to keep your landscaped water.
  • This is especially true during the hot summer months.
  • The last thing you are looking forward to is the timing and moving your hose around the yard.
  • It might be time to install an underground, automated sprinkler system to
    maintained a regulated watered landscape.
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Keeping the grass green


  • With an automated irrigation system, you can arrange it so that every area of your lawn get watered.
  • No more pulling the hose from spot to spot during the summer months.
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water sprinkler system

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High poppers watering a flower garden


  • With some layout planning, you can use s sprinkler systems to water tall gardens.
  • Note the post that is being used to elevate the sprinkler nozzle.
  • It also protects the nozzle and tubing from breakage.
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Sample Product Images


  • Selection of garden irrigation images from select merchants.
  • Simply tab to view product types.
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watered landscape

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Above ground irrigation system


  • You can also have above ground irrigation systems timed to an automated system.
  • The advantage of above ground is that you can move it especially during planting season.

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automatic irrigation sprinklers

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Sprinkler system installation diagram


  • It is not difficult to install an automated system DYI.
  • You just need to understands the correct distance between nozzles and types of materials.
  • You will find plenty of DYI materials on sprinkler installation.
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