photos: Inside the Kitchen: Items That Help Your Cook (part 1)

Inside the Kitchen: Items That Help Your Cook (part 1)

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  • So you love to cook. And there are some kitchen items that can help.

    What's needed is organization so you can use the items as and when you need them.

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kitchen needs

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You need to the spoons … wooden preferably


  • If you love to cook and conjure up different types of dishes, then you can appreciate the number of kitchen items that are use frequently.
  • One such item are the stirring spoons – wooden spoons of course.
  • They are used for stirring – sauteing – browning and everything in-between. And wooden spoons won’t scratch the pan surface.
  • The challenge is organizing your spoons so they are readily available as you need them.
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Spices … the secret of good cooking


  • But spices can be hard to keep organized and easily available, especially when one hand is stirring the pot.
  • So its a good idea for serious cooks to measure out all of the spices for their cooking masterpiece.
  • Using small spice bowls fit this purpose well.
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Everything Spices: Ajway – Cacao

Ajwain   aboutimageshop
Allspice   aboutimageshop
Almond Meal   aboutimageshop
Anise Seed   aboutimageshop
Annatto/Achiote Seed   aboutimageshop
Arrowroot Powder   aboutimageshop
Asafoetida   aboutimageshop
Beetroot Powder   aboutimageshop
Bell Peppers   aboutimageshop
Cacao   aboutimageshop

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Caraway Seed – Coriander

Caraway Seed   aboutimageshop
Cardamom   aboutimageshop
Celery Seed   aboutimageshop
Chia Seed   aboutimageshop
Chiles   aboutimageshop
Cinnamon   aboutimageshop
Citrus Zests   aboutimageshop
Cloves   aboutimageshop
Cocoa Powder   aboutimageshop
Coriander   aboutimageshop

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Cubeb Berry – Horseradish Powder

Cubeb Berry   aboutimageshop
Cumin   aboutimageshop
Dill Seed   aboutimageshop
Fennel   aboutimageshop
Fenugreek   aboutimageshop
Galangal Root   aboutimageshop
Garlic   aboutimageshop
Ginger   aboutimageshop
Grains of Paradise   aboutimageshop
Horseradish   aboutimageshop

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Juniper Berries – Pepper

Juniper Berries   aboutimageshop
Long Pepper   aboutimageshop
Mace   aboutimageshop
Malheb   aboutimageshop
Mustard   aboutimageshop
Nigella Sativa   aboutimageshop
Nutmeg   aboutimageshop
Onion   aboutimageshop
Paprika   aboutimageshop
Pepper   aboutimageshop

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Poppy Seed – Vanilla

Poppy Seed   aboutimageshop
Porcini Powder   aboutimageshop
Saffron   aboutimageshop
Sesame Seed   aboutimageshop
Shallots   aboutimageshop
Star Anise   aboutimageshop
Sumac   aboutimageshop
Sweetners   aboutshop
Turmeric   aboutimageshop
Vanilla   aboutimageshop

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Ladles are handy too …


  • … especially when it’s time to serve your special soup or home-made sauce.
  • You probably could use a wooden or plastic ladle – but something a bit more fancy should be in your kitchen.
  • Ladles are not used as much as spoons – so hanging them as shown can give you the kitchen decor you want and the easy reach when you need these items most.
  • What comments can you share?

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A pinch of salt and a measure of sugar


  • A pinch is this much and a measure is that much – only a good cook knows exactly what that means.
  • But for the most of us, we need measuring devices and scales to make sure we get it right.
  • Measuring scoops – spoons – cubs – scales – etc., all play their part in a serious kitchen.
  • What comments can you share?

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Finally, the cutting board


  • Even in the best of kitchens, the cutting board is still widely used.
  • Especially small to medium-sized boards for cutting herbs and other key ingredients.
  • Use the board to cut – sort – and then “lift” the sliced ingredients over into the dish or pot. You can’t get that with a granite or quartz countertop.
  • What comments can you share?

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