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Is your garden landscape worn out and tired? Perhaps you have the same look after 20+ years. Maybe it’s time for a new landscape design. Something that would energize your outdoor enjoyment. Let’s first start with a little planning by using landscape CAD concepts and designs.

Sunflowers – they are giant, sun loving flowers that make great backgrounds for garden beds, fences, sheds, and along roadsides.

Window boxes can bring a fresh and inviting look to your home. However, without the proper installation, you could end up with pulled-out bolts, crumbling exteriors or ruined window boxes. Read these tips before you add window boxes to your home’s exterior.

Hardy mums – easy to grow and are perfect flowers that bloom in the fall. They add vibrant color to your beds and make great fall-time displays.

It’s time now! Time to get some garden spring fixes done so that you can enjoy your garden for the coming summer. This means cleaning up, pruning and more.

Marigold flowers – easy to grow and last all summer long. They can be used is beds to compliment other annual flowers that give beatiful color.

The ice has melted and flowers are starting to bloom, which means the spring season is well on its way. If your patio is looking a little long in the tooth, here are four beautiful and functional renovations to consider for spring.

Begonia flowers – dubbed as the flower of royalty. They come in all flower petal shapes and colors that give any garden a royal look.

The spring season begins in few days. So now is the time to plan your spring planting. Whether you are planting a vegetable and/or flower garden, do some planning to get your garden ready for planting.

Zinnia flowers are an easy plant to grow in all types of North American climates. They require full sun and can give your garden a colorful look.

Alyssum flowers are native to the Mediterranean region. They are a cluster of small flowers that form a color border to flower beds and contatiners.

Spring is just around the corner. There’s no time like the present to get busy with your garden.

You need to start planning your summer garden. In this article we are going to summarize landscaping with annual flowers that bloom all summer.

Have a question about the types of flowers to use. In this article we are going to summarize landscaping with perennial flowers with resource information.

Living in a big city certainly has its advantages, but it does come with some downsides as well. Limited space for a garden is one of them.

Maintaining a garden during the winters can be quite a challenge. But, there are many plants that adapt to the cold conditions of winter. In fact, there are some that thrive in this season.

A little goes a long way when it comes to sprucing up your home and its aesthetic and curb appeal. It might seem like an impossible mission to create a garden in an urban area where your existing living space is already cramped – now imagine adding more to the mess at hand.

No house is complete without a front lawn and some interesting details both you, as an owner, and the incoming visitors can enjoy. The thing is, designing your garden is a delicate task that requires you to bring forth your inner creativity and come up with solutions for your garden that can reflect the sort of backyard arrangement you want to see in your garden.

To install or not to install – that is the question that has been at the back of your mind. While every decision does have its pros and cons, installing a swimming pool in your backyard has far more pros than cons.

There are many good reasons to add a new fence to your home: curb appeal, property value, and privacy. The trick is choosing the right kind of fence.

Friends are coming. Let’s all gather around the backyard firepit. A place to enjoy conversation and perhaps have a roasted marshmallow.

Need to put in a patio. Considering stone flooring. It is very durable. And easy to clean up. Something that will add very nicely to your patio look.

Okay, you have waited long enough. Now is the time to plan for next summer. We are speaking about building an outdoor kitchen area. Let’s get going.

It’s nice to eat outside on your deck or patio. But the dining table just doesn’t look great. With fall in full swing, now is the time to look for summer clearance sales on deck dining sets.

Plants are a wonderful addition to any yard, and there are certain vibrantly colorful plants that are guaranteed to make your yard look outstanding. Choosing the right shrubs and trees to enhance your outdoor style ensures that you’ll enjoy your yard’s splendid magnificence for years to come.

It is a dusty time at the moment in parts of Idaho and Washington – two of the largest states in potato production. You know what that means with this harvest – delicious potato dishes, french fries, potato chips and much more.

Are you thinking of getting an aquarium? Something that you can add as part of your room decor? Then make a big, nice aquarium that you will be proud to display.

Do you have a garden swing chair … something that swings lazily from your favorite tree. Just perfect to sit and relax on a nice summer day.

Those corn stalks are high – is it time to pick the corn? Depends on the corn type. Most corn harvests are for corn byproducts such as animal feed and biofuel.

Have you consider using a floating deck in your landscape design? It can be a beautiful concept that can enhance your yard look and use.