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Decks & Patios

Wooden Deck Near Lake with Lighted Features

Wooden deck near lake with lighted features Notes: You have a beautiful, well cared for deck with sitting and lounge area. What else can you add? How about lighting up

Yard Decor & Lighting

Add Some Creative Thinking to Your Garden Statues

Add some creative thinking to your garden statues Notes: If garden statues are part of your home landscaping, let’s have a little fun with your statue selection. True, you could

Swimming Pools

Modern Home with a Beautiful Patio Pool Overlooking a Bay

Modern home with a beautiful patio pool overlooking a bay. Notes: No question this is one pool you would dream to have – especially with the view. The pool is

Yard Decor & Lighting

Making a Simple Garden Decoration Statement

Making a simple garden decoration statement. Notes: Sometimes a garden gnome can add to the overall decor if it isn’t tacky. Here is a simple gnome added next to the

Garden Lighting

Porch Walkway Over Pond and Lighting in the Woods

House exterior with porch walkway over pond and lighting in the woods. Notes: You have beautiful landscaping but can lone be seen during the day. Why not highlight your landscaping

Spas and Hot Tubs

Rustic Wooden Water Hot Tub Tucked in Backyard

Rustic wooden water hot tub tucked in backyard. Notes: This is the way hot tubs used to be – and becoming more acceptable as a substitute to the deck tub.

Garden Furniture

Lounge Rattan Chairs and Desk in the Garden

Lounge rattan chairs and desk in the garden. Notes: Every deck or patio needs a chaise lounge for outdoor relaxation. This modern rattan chair withstands most weather but it can

Ponds & Fountains

Nice Summer Backyard with Exotic Landscape and Pond

Nice summer backyard with exotic landscape and pond. Notes: Love the idea of a garden pond next to the deck so that you can enjoy the pond while relaxing or

Garden Planting

Backyard Vegetable Garden in Wooden Raised Beds

Backyard vegetable garden in wooden raised beds. Notes: If you are looking to grow a vegetable or flower garden, consider raised garden beds. Raised beds allow to add and control

Decks & Patios

Open Deck Without Rails

Exterior covered patio with fireplace and furniture. Covered by wood ceiling with skylights. Notes: This style of deck is becoming popular with many new home constructions – open deck area

Swimming Pools

Luxury Shaped Swimming Pool with Attached Hot Tub

Luxury shaped swimming pool with attached hot tub. Notes: Nicely shaped pool with slope down enterance. Circular shaped hot tub area attached. Don’t know if this is heated or part

Spas and Hot Tubs

Walkout Deck With Jacuzzi Under a Make-Shift Pergola

Walkout deck with jacuzzi under pergola with a patio area for barbecue. Notes: Jacuzzi built into the deck with each access under deck for plumbing and other maintenance. Pergola with


Wooden Shed for Storing Garden Tools

Garden with gardening tools and wooden shed for storage Notes: For the yard enthusiast, there are plenty of garden tools that need to be stored and organized. Many homeowners use


Landscaped Garden with a Gazebo Situated On an Interlocking Stone Patio

Gazebo in landscaped garden with interlocking stone patio Notes: Gazebos are a nice outbuilding that can add to any landscape design. This gazebo is part of a patio that includes


An American House Exterior With an Interesting Curb Appeal

An American house exterior with an interesting curb appeal – white wooden fence with concrete walkway. Notes: This pic idea is about the white picket fence. Adds to any curb

Yard Decor & Lighting

Garden Decor Using a Bicycle and Garden Decor Plant Stand in Thailand

Garden decor using a bicycle and garden decor plant stand in Thailand. Notes: Crafted bicycle as a plant container holder. Would make a nice design in garden or grass area.

Decks & Patios

Covered Patio and Fireplace

Exterior covered patio with fireplace and furniture. Covered by wood ceiling with skylights. Notes: Slate or stone flooring for patio floor with an outdoor rug to soften the sitting area.

Swimming Pools

Deluxe Swimming Pool Connected to Patio

Now who wouldn’t want to have this in your backyard? Notes: This is not an inexpensive pool … not to mention the connected patio area and lounge area. Nice landscaping


Decorative Garden Bridge Extending Over Landscape Garden

What a beautiful garden bridge to add to the overall landscape of this garden. Notes: The bridge is custom built with beautiful woodwork and arch. Bridges can span a pond,