ideas: Setting Up PC Monitors for Your Home Office – What’s Needed

Setting Up PC Monitors for Your Home Office – What’s Needed

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  • Opening up a home office? You need to equip it with the latest technologies that connect you to your clients and buyers.

    Question is how many pc monitors will you need. It depends on what you do. One monitor may be sufficient, but you may need more.

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pc monitors

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Desktop monitor for professional services


  • The type of technology for your home office depends on the type of work that you do.
  • For most professionals like legal, writers and other, a single desktop monitor may do.
  • You will use the monitor to read emails, write reports, and complete off-site work.
  • Many of these professionals may use their home office
    temporarily because of another off-site workstation.
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home office electronics

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Desktop computer used with other devices


  • Other devices along with the desktop may include pads and smart phones.
  • These devices can be synced using cloud technology so that access
    to information can be viewed at any location.
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desktop monitor and pad

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Using a laptop instead of a desktop


  • Some professionals – particularly those in sales and consulting – may prefer a laptop over a desktop.
  • The computer is mobile and travels with the professional.
  • Access to information is on the laptop at all times.
    It is generally connected to cloud technology for data retrieval.
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dual pc monitors

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Dual PC monitors


  • A desktop with dual PC monitors is great for data analysts, project managers, web developers and
    other professionals who simultaneously work on multiple projects.
  • With dual monitors you can transfer data between monitors.
  • This transfer allows for quick exchange of data without having to toggle between programs.
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multiple pc monitors

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Multiple monitors quick decisioning


  • Stock and currency traders who monitor live market sources need multiple screens.
  • This allows for fast decision making when market data or positions change.
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