photos: photo image analysis: If You Must Have an Nice Aquarium – Make It Big

<span>photo image analysis:</span> If You Must Have an Nice Aquarium – Make It Big

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  • Are you thinking of getting an aquarium? Something that you can add as part of your room decor?

    Then make a big, nice aquarium that you will be proud to display.

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home aquarium

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What do you see in the image above?

  • If only: imagine having an aquarium of this magnitude in your home – an aquarium that function like a see-through wall from floor to ceiling.
    largest aquariums in the world!
  • The nice aquarium can function like a privacy wall: these large aquariums would fit nicely in open floor rooms – where it could be used as a privacy barrier that keeps the room open but with some privacy that has style and color.
  • But what about the cost: let’s just say it is very expensive – approximately $50k-$75K – not to mention the maintenance cost to retain health of the aquarium:
    amazing aquariums only millionaires can afford
  • So how about something smaller: maybe not $50K, but how about $5k – something of ample size (~400-500 gallon) that can fit nicely in your living space with following items:
    • a) coral:
      you want the tank big enough tank where you can grow coral – that is the color that you can illuminate
    • b) salt water:
      tank size that will allow saltwater fish to thrive – saltwater fish come with some of the most interesting shapes and color
    • c) tank stand:
      a large tank will need a stand or other support system for display – could placed in the middle of the room with a walkaround
    • d) lighting:
      to illuminate the tank with all of its colorful shades – similar to the image above – an aquatic blue or green
    • e) more fish information:
      see our post on aquatic animals and care
Final observation:

It is more than a hobby to maintain a healthy aquatic fish tank. So before you attempt something like this, get acquainted with the necessities of maintaining a home aquarium. Note that some saltwater fish can cost hundreds – so maintaining a healthy aquarium is a must to protect your investment.
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