photos: Other Than Dog or Cat, What Other House Pets to Consider

Other Than Dog or Cat, What Other House Pets to Consider

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other house pets

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Hearing the call in the morning


  • Birds have become favorite pets because of their birds calls and in some birds, the ability to repeat sounds and words.
  • Make sure you provide the right domicile for the kind of bird you get:
    INFO: choosing the best bird for beginners
  • Their cages need to be cleaned regularly – with regular feedings and water:
    INFO: basic pet bird care
  • But most importantly, the bird need to feel safe – not a good idea to have a pet bird with an prowling cat.
  • Can they be allowed to live outside For some birds, they can be caged outside if the climate allows such as Southern California, Florida and the southern sections of the Gulf states. Build them a large enough cage to roam freely and to enjoy the sun exposure and rain that typifies their natural habitat.:
    INFO: keep pet birds outdoors safely
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other house pets

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Who can resist this look?


  • Hamsters are some of the cutest mammals that make a great first pet for kids – before getting a dog.
  • Hamsters have to be cared for – but not as much as a dog. The lessons learned can be applied when they start asking for that dog:
    INFO: hamster care guide
  • Keep your hamster happy using a comfortable domicile with plenty of activities.
  • Hamsters love to play by climbing – spinning – crawling through things – and other fun hamster obstacles. It’s fun to watch the hamster spin wildly on the hamster wheel.


    hamster wheelhamster hideout

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other house pets

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Turtle … turtle … where are you?


  • You are not going to find much activity from a pet turtle – most of the time they are hiding from the world.
  • But if you love reptiles – then a turtle is the right pet option for you:
    INFO: turtle care 101: how to take care of pet turtles
  • They are fun to hold and watch as they bob in-and-out of their shell.
  • Turtles are slow … and you know itSo consider this pet as low maintenance and attention. It’s more of the “thing” to have rather than a pet such as a hamster, rabbit or other mammal-like animal. So give your turtle what it needs so that you can enjoy watching it move, perch and sunbathe.


    turtle basking platformturtle light

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other house pets

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Can fish be pets?


  • Most certainly – if you have the time and expertise to take care of their habitat and tank.
  • And fish are enjoyable to watch as they swim around the tank and through varying obstacles.
  • But fish can be expensive to maintain – depending on the type of fish (fresh or salt water) – and the size of the tank with filters and other tank maintenance.
  • Get more information we have a complete posting on the fish aquariums and the type of fishes. See if you have what it takes to become a fish pet owner.


    what is in your home aquarium

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other house pets

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If you are up to it


  • Snakes can made very nice pets – very simple maintenance and fun to hold and wrap around yourself:
    INFO: snake care guide
  • But you have to feed them – and that means feedng them live or dead small mammals that may be distubing.
  • Good snakes and bad snakes You will find good snakes as pets and not-so-good pet snakes. But some people do get those not-so-good snakes that can become lethal if they are not careful. But for the good snakes – they are just cuddly and are safe to be around children. But some of the good snake that are exotic and colorful can be very costly.
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