ideas: Setup a Clothesline as an Energy Saving Unit

Setup a Clothesline as an Energy Saving Unit

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  • It's nice sunny day outside. So why not dry your clothes on your outside clothesline.

    It will save utility costs. And it will brighten and freshen up your clothes. There are a number of clotheslines that can work for your situation.

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clothesline with basket

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Towels drying on the clothesline with laundry basket


  • What is the purpose of having a clothesline?
  • First: it allows you to save energy costs from having to run a dryer
  • Second: it freshens and brightens up clothes with sunlight drying.
  • Third: it is nice to have to dry large items such as rugs, shoes,
    and other items that don’t dry well in a standard dryer.
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Type A: Post installed clothesline


  • T-Post clotheslines are great if you have a large sunny area to setup your clothesline.
  • It gives you the maximum area of sunlight drying.
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rotary clothesline

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Type B: Hanging out to dry on a rotary clothes line


  • Rotary clothesline take up less area can be folded up if needed.
  • This type line rotates so that you can stand in one place to hang clothes.
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window clothesline

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Type C: Clothes hanging from pulley window line


  • Another option is to setup a pulley system where you hang clothes then
    move the line along a pulley to expose a free space for hanging.
  • These work well for apartment dwellers.
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fifth and last “photo remodeling” image

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Type D: Clothes line in laundry room


  • If you are not fond of hanging clothes outside, you may consider a drying rack for the laundry room.
  • You can use these racks for special fabrics that need to be air dryed.
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