photos: Time for the Scarecrow to Go Up – Just Before Harvest

Time for the Scarecrow to Go Up – Just Before Harvest

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Yard decor or deterrence


  • The purpose of the scarecrow is to scare away the crows and other birds that invade your garden.
  • Crows can be very damaging to the corn crop, for example. A herd of crows can strip the corn from its stock leaving you very little to harvest.
  • So the scarecrow – imitating the farmer standing watch – is to keep the crows away.
  • But after awhile, the crows figure out that the scarecrow is a ruse and begin their plundering.
  • If it’s not for deterrence … how about garden decor. It’s perfect for decorating your garden with a dress-up of interesting apparel, hat and corn nose. It will provide some deterrence, but mostly is becomes a conversation piece about your garden and the items you have.
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It’s all for fun


  • Scarecrows are fun for kids to dress-up and design.
  • It could be a scary scarecrow – just in time for Halloween – or something that is more jovial.
  • Now is the time to dedicate a weekend with your children to plan, setup and dress their very own scarescrow.
  • Who’s is who.The most famous and loving scarecrow is from the Wizard of Oz – a favorite film for generations. It was the first of the trio friends that Dorthy chummed up with to get herself back to Kansas.


    dorthy meets the scarecrowdorthy meets the tin man

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The ma and pa


  • If you are going to build one, why not two scarecrows together – like ma and pa or brother and sister.
  • Both with farm overalls with suspenders and straw shade hats.
  • Note the flowers for the eyes – the strand of leaves that decorate the head – all silk flowers to last the entire season.
  • Little bit of designing The lips and checks and other parts of the scarecrow are all custom designed with sewed on features. Using trimmed cloth for eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks will stay on permanently no matter what the climate may be even after an afternoon rain shower.


    farm overalls for womenfarm overalls for menfarm overalls for chldren

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fourth “photo remodeling” image


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Something from the past


  • Here’s an idea for a scarecrow – post colonial farmer with long hair.
  • Little tough to replicate the garb from that period – so a big bow tie will do.
  • Create a story about this person – maybe about someone who is a distant relative.
  • Teaching your children about their past Your scarecrow could represent your great-great-great grandfather from the early 1800’s. Someone who emigrated to America or settled the frontier. Get to know who the person and bring him or her back to life with a time-period, decorated scarecrow.


    build your family ancestry treefashion timeline early 1800’s

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Okay! just for fun


  • Something you can do for fun – either with the community or your church group.
  • It would take a lot of work – but a nice display for an upcoming harvest festival.
  • What about scary scarecrows? Not in this image – but something that you will find during the Halloween season. So stayed tuned. Halloween will be upon soon.
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