ideas: Wall Art That Doesn’t Say Anything … But

Wall Art That Doesn’t Say Anything … But

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  • Empty wall picture frames - that is a growing craze that you may note with many wall decor ideas.

    But what you might find is a splatter of empty wall frames that look disorganized and over the top.

    There is a way to decorate using empty frames ... a decor topic we explore below.

first “photo remodeling” idea

wall art

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Keeping it simple and direct


  • A lot of online images displaying empty picture frames have walls being loaded with varying types, shapes and colors of picture frames (note the pinterest link at for a few sample images).
  • It seems to be a trending way to decorate a wall – but only if you do it correctly. You don’t want to make your wall look messy.
  • In this particular image, first note the color of the wall background – it’s a shade darker than than other room colors. You have the perfect background to tie in other colors of the room with an empty frame using a white background.
  • And keep the border frames as black – they color match the black table, the wall TV monitor and other black decor pieces throughout the room. Using this form of decor ties everything together in a nice, formal way without too much noise.
    How You Can Use Empty Frames As Wall Decor
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second “photo remodeling” idea

wall art

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Using a frame within a frame


  • This is a nice concept to consider for a formal living room area – a frame within a wall molding frame. What you have is an empty white-background picture frame tucked within a wall frame.
  • The picture frame(s) has a black border; the wall molding frame a white border. Note how the colors coordinate with everything in the room including the floor.
  • It makes a nice decorating piece for the room’s main wall – however, we would remove the moldings around the wall sconces. We find that a bit too much for the wall.
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third “photo remodeling” idea

wall art

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Using a mirror with empty frames


  • Here is an interesting idea for dressing up a wall. Hang a large, decorative oval mirror in the middle bordered by two vertically placed empty frames on each side.
  • This gives a nice design that brings prominence to the mirror.
  • Let’s list the other decor items that could be noted with this image:

      just mentioned as the main decor object for the room. Note how the mirror ties in the oval coffee table with it metal surround and reflective glass top. A perfect combination.


      the image has two vertically, stacked empty pictures frames bordering the mirror and one elongated frame over the bed. Note how these frames and nicely position without being overbearing.


      certainly one of the most impressive items of the room – a dark ember reflective wall that makes this narrow room appear larger. This could be an actual reflective glass or something less expensive like reflective wallpaper.


      a beautifully tripod floor lamp up front that is being reflected by the wall – with two additional lamps by the bed.


      using recessed ceiling light to illuminate the reflective wall, bed wall area, and work desk. Make sure to add dimmers to the lighting to get the perfect effect.

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fourth “photo remodeling” idea

wall art

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It can work for bathrooms too


  • Imagine having an nice bathroom with a high ceiling, tiled wall. What kind of wall decor would you place above the toilet area?
  • If you want to keep it simple to highlight the entire bathroom design, then a empty picture frame may be the right decor piece.
  • It makes the right statement that compliments the other design pieces of the room – the black table decor and black shower frame and window.
    Empty Picture-Frame Wall Grouping
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fifth and last “photo remodeling” idea

wall art

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Finally, use as a contrasting item


  • You might consider using a empty picture frame as a contrasting item with another wall decor piece – in this example, a floating, cube book shelf.
  • Note how the two pieces work together – a nice setup. Another option is to have two empty frames on each wall – or have two floating bookcases. Either way, the goal is to highlight the room is a simple way that is not overpowering.
    21 Floating Shelves Decorating Ideas
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    using empty picture frames as wall decor

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