photos: Wood Storage Bins – A Must to Maintain a Wood Fireplace

Wood Storage Bins – A Must to Maintain a Wood Fireplace

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  • If you have a wood burning fireplace, you need an area where your can store the fuel ... a wood storage container.

    You can pick something from a very simple log bin to something more elaborate and decorative. Let's take view!

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wood storage bins

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Fireplace with custom build log storage bin


  • You can have a simple wood storage bin or something more elaborate like a storage unit built into the wall.
  • A wall storage bin would be a nice addition for any fireplace room.
  • Advantages: you can store a lot of wood to feed the fireplace during those cold winter months.
  • Disadvantages: you need to keep it stacked to maintain the look you like. And not all wood is cut
    symmetrically to give you the image you see above.
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wood storage bins

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Wood fired stove with fire-wood rack


  • You can look for wood stacking shelves to store wood and other decor items.
  • Note the baskets on alternate shelves. Can be used to store kindling and other fireplace needs.
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wood storage basket

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Fireplace in wall with wood stocks


  • Other options include storage space in the fireplace hearth.
  • Also simple handled baskets to keep wood neatly organized.
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wood bin

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Standard firewood log bin


  • Common wood bin that can be easily moved when necessary.
  • Some of these bins can be adjusted to accommodate the size and amount of wood to be stored.
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outdoor log bin

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Outdoor firewood storage with cover


  • Don’t forget outside storage for storing a large supply of firewood.
  • These bins require a cover to protect the wood from weather elements.
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