photos: 5 Styles for Making Your Home Look More Expensive

5 Styles for Making Your Home Look More Expensive

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  • Designing your space is one of the best parts of owning a home. You get to mix and match countless decor pieces and furniture, and there's no limit to the colors you can incorporate.

    Regardless of which style you choose, many people will agree they love homes that look like they're worth every penny. Making your house look expensive can be a breeze with the right knowledge and tools.

    If you're unsure where to start with spicing up your interiors, you've come to the right place. Here are five styles you can experiment with to make your rooms look more expensive.

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living room style

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1: Opulence


  • Fill your home with unlimited colors, striking metals and textured fabrics to replicate the fashionable looks of luxury residences. When you think of opulence, you’ll typically envision the opposite of minimalism — can there ever be too much sparkle or glam?
  • Try patterned furniture pieces and brass fixtures alongside ornate lighting solutions. Take advantage of natural light by using your windows to bring in the sun’s rays. More sun makes a room look brighter and more inviting.
  • The definition of opulence can change depending on which interior designs you study — everyone views the style differently. Use elements from various homes and rooms to pull together one unique look.
    opulent decor elements lift a space from great to grandiose
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den library

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2: Victorian


  • Draw from the past and go for a Victorian-inspired look to make your home look luxuriously vintage. Part of the appeal of Victorian houses is their mixing of cultures. You’ll find distinct inspiration from Greek, Rome, Egypt and other regions when searching for goods.
  • Go big and bold with patterned rugs and curtains, and stick to dark colors like navy, burgundy and black. Though Victorian interiors are dark, they feature warm elements such as fireplaces and chandeliers.
  • This design is best for spacious homes where you can accommodate large furniture. Don’t be afraid to add a hefty armchair or a big sofa to your living room — and remember to lean toward ornate styles.
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3: Luxury French


  • A luxury French design will make your home look like a shiny and sleek paradise. Wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and brass fixtures turn a kitchen from ordinary to mindblowing. Combine function, quality and aesthetics by bringing in French-inspired appliances such as wine dispensers and full-column refrigerators.
  • Incorporate French style throughout the rest of your home by adding vintage decor and keeping to an all-white color scheme. Pure white can feel sterile, so look for off-white hues like ivory or cream and accent them with pops of color.
  • Choose pieces that emphasize function and fashion. What items do you need in your daily life, and how can you highlight their beauty without losing their usefulness?
    10 secrets to decorating like a parisian

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urban kitchen

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4: Urban Modern


  • This style is the perfect marriage of industrial and contemporary design, emphasizing the grand and fast-paced nature of big-city life. Choosing this look means experimenting with a mishmash of opposing, yet complementary, motifs, such as minimalism with glam.
  • Preserve the industrial feel with rustic lighting solutions and unfinished wood furniture, but give it a soft touch by adding delicate fabrics and warm hues.
  • Combine items of various scales to maintain visual interest and lead your guests’ eyes around the room. Maintaining design continuity through your entire home will make your space look clean and meticulously planned, emphasizing the extravagance of your interiors.
  • Pick a cohesive color scheme or decor theme and change only the accents within each room.
    urban modern interior design style in your home

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    view: contemporary wood kitchen tableview: urban industrial pendant light

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decorating walls

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5: Art Decor


  • Explore your inner artist by introducing Art Deco motifs to your interiors. Your home will experience an explosion of color, detail and shape — all components complementing each other, despite their contrasts.
  • Go for geometrical, clean shapes such as angular chairs and swing arm lights. Splashes of bright color, animal prints and geometric patterns all fit well here as long as you use them wisely.
  • People defined the Art Deco period by its love for luxurious materials. Make your house look expensive with plenty of stainless steel appliances, glass and metallic accents.
  • The key to this concept is to be loud with your designs while staying organized underneath it all. Be calculating with what you add to your space, but don’t hesitate to step outside your comfort zone.
    defining a style series: what is art deco

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    view: art deco wall artview: art decor wall clock

  • Create a Luxurious Home With EaseGet ready to turn your living space into a paradise anyone would envy with these five home fashions. Once you find the perfect match for your abode, designing your space will feel like creating something extraordinarily unique. The way you implement your new style is within your control. You’re bound to come up with a breathtaking look, no matter how you merge it with your current space.

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