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Preventing a Home Fire

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  • Home fires can strike at anytime. The best protection is prevention.

    Listed are the 5 top reasons for home fires. Taking a little care can help avoid a home fire and maintain the safety of your family.

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fire prevention

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Cooking appliance


  • U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 358,500 home structure fires per year during 2011-2015, which represents three-quarters of all structure fires NFAP reference
  • On average, seven people died in U.S. home fires per day.
  • Cooking equipment was the leading cause of home structure fires and home fire injuries and the second leading cause of home fire deaths.
  • Key prevention is never leave a boiling pot or other cookware unattended.
  • Also keep items and other flammable materials far away from cooking appliances.
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fire prevention

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Space heater


  • Space heaters and other mobile heating units are the second cause of house fires.
  • Two reasons: 1) placing the heating unit close to flammable material; 2) leaving the space heater unattended – especially at night when using these units while you sleep.
  • Best prevention is limiting the use of coil-space heating units and never leaving a unit unattended.
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fire prevention

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  • Cigarette smoking is not only bad for your health but also the 3rd leading cause of house fires.
  • Most cigarette related fires are smokers who fall asleep while smoking.
  • Another related cause is the dispensing of cigarette butts improperly – sometime in areas that can catch fire.
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fire prevention

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  • Overloaded or improper wiring is another leading cause of house fires – especially in older homes where the wiring may be old and deteriating.
  • You need to inspect your wiring and the number of connections plugged into sockets – a few too many can start a small fire behind the walls.
  • Likewise if you have rodent infestation, some rodants do chew on wiring that can expose live wire behind walls.
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fire prevention

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Candle fire


  • There are other intentional events that can cause a fire, namely:
    1) unattended candles,
    2) children playing with matches or other flammable items;
    3) lamp shades that are too close to the lighting source, and
    4)outdoor barbeques placed to close to the home or near flammable materials
  • Using prevention and smart thinking will help you avoid unnecessary house fires.
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