ideas: Adding A Cuckoo Clock to Your Wall Decor

Adding A Cuckoo Clock to Your Wall Decor

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cuckoo clock

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Just like grandma’s house


  • Remember visiting grandma’s house years ago and hearing the cuckoo clock makes its hourly chirp?
  • Cuckoo clocks were popular then – and they are making a comeback in some quarters of the world.
  • Maybe its time for you to hang one up – perhaps in the nursery or child room when they can be fasiniated by its mechanism.
  • The cuckoo clock can even go into your hobby room – a perfect spot for keeping time as you create your own art.
  • View the art work What is so distinctive of cuckoo clocks is the art work and carving. The more hand-made the art is, the more expensive the clock:
    INFO: making of cuckoo clock
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cuckoo clock

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What is the “Black Forest” of cuckoo clocks


  • The Black Forest is a mountain range in the very bottom and western part of present day Germany. It has a densely wooded forest that appears dark if you were to wonder into the forest – thus the nickname Black Forest:
    INFO: more information about the Black Forest
  • It is from this region where many of the authentic cuckoo clocks originated – where the “story-telling” has been developed.
  • Although you may find many replicas that function just fine – a prized cuckcoo clock from the Black Forest is something you might want as a collectible.

    black forest cuckoo clock

  • What about the fairy tales There is no basis that the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales originated from the Black Forest – most of their stories were written up north. But legend has it that some of the story lines resemble the Black Forest. Whether that is true or not, we leave it up to the reader:
    INFO: about the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales
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cuckoo clock

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Many styles to choose from


  • You can find many varieties and styles of cuckoo clocks.
  • Some resembling a village – another a woodman’s lair – another from a hunting lodge.
  • Select that style that will fit your room decor and story telling.
  • What would be your story If you had to tell the store using cuckoo clock, what store would it be? Would it be your work place, cooking dinner at home, doing laundry, or working out at the gym:
    INFO: story behind the cuckoo clock
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cuckoo clock

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Maybe something simple will do


  • Perhaps the intricate, carved work is too much for your home – maybe some simple will fit better.
  • This simple design with a bird and flowers might work best with your room decor.
  • You can get these clocks in any color – shape – or size.
  • Something new Maybe you need something more modern. You will be surprised what you can find. View these samples:


    modern cuckoo clock

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cuckoo clock

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Keep the price down


  • Some of these cuckoo clocks – especially those from Cuckoo Clock countries – can fetch a pretty penny – something that may beyond your budget.
  • But there are mass productions of clocks that look and work nicely without the high cost.
  • 69,50 That is 60 and 1/2 euros – equivalent to ~$77.26 in today’s dollars (07/26). Not a bad price to pay for a nice clock that will recapture those memories from grandma’s house.
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