ideas: What Attic Treasures You Might Find

What Attic Treasures You Might Find

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attic treasure

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Collection of attic stuff


  • Your attic may hold some treasures that could be used as home decor or sold on the market.
  • What appears to be “old junk” may be something someone is willing to pay for.
  • Items such as a rotary phone, wood tennis rackets, old clothing, and the like can fetch big bucks.
  • So let’s climb up into the attic and see what you can find.
  • What comments can you share?

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attic treasures

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Vintage baby chair


  • Perhaps you will find in your attic items when you were a lad.
  • Some of these items can make great decor pieces.
  • Simply clean and polish them up and wha-la, you have a nice piece to fit your decor theme.
  • What comments can you share?

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tresure chest

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Attic treasure chest


  • Many old attics generally have a treasure chest box for storing packed items.
  • It may have nothing inside, but what if …
  • You might find an antique that could be worth something – if not now, maybe sometime in the future.
  • What comments can you share?

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attic find

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Pair of old skates


  • Now what are you going to do with a pair of skates and gas lamp?
  • Let’s see what they sell for on ebay | pair ice skates | old lamp.
  • Okay!, maybe not that much – but what about using them as decor for the home office or rec area?
  • What comments can you share?

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rocking horse

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Antique rocking horse


  • Now this would be a find up in your attic – or some other attic.
  • Depending on its condition, this horse could fetch $400-$600+ on ebay.
  • But it could probably fetch “more value” as a decorating piece in the nursery room.
  • What comments can you share?

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