photos: Some Bookcase Styling Ideas for Your Home Book Library

Some Bookcase Styling Ideas for Your Home Book Library

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bookcase styling

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Simple styling with similar books


  • You have a bunch of books – or you may be collecting class books for your den library.
  • So the question is, how should you style the books to give you the best overall look.
  • We are just looking at the books at the moment – meaning, how to style the books.
  • One option is to group books by the the same size – color – and topic.
  • What comments can you share?

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bookcase styling ideas

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Grouping your books randomly


  • Another option is stagger your books randomly.
  • This will work if you have all colorful leather-bound or hard-bound books of good quality.
  • As illustrated, the staggered look gives nice color background to any wall.
  • What comments can you share?

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bookcase styling

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Working with a mix-match set of books


  • Most of us have all kind of books from old college textbooks, paperbacks, and our personal collection.
  • So how best to style these books when they are all different?
  • Fits perfectly around the varied landscape garden.
  • What comments can you share?

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two bookcases

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Adding complimentary decor


  • Of course, you may want to decorate your book collection with other complimentary decor.
  • The options are endless – but keep it simple with some decor pieces scattered about.
  • Note that dust will accumulate – so select those pieces that are easy to clean.
  • What comments can you share?

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Keeping them all the same


  • The final “book decor” strategy is to collect your books in similar groupings.
  • Group them by color, size, type and other to give a grouping decor selection.
  • What comments can you share?

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