Budget Home Improvement

remodeling budgeting tips

Before starting a home remodeling project, it's a good idea to establish a budget plan to maintain costs and ensure you take advantage of savings and discounted benefits.

Our Budgeting Planning Tips :

Start with an Assigned Budget
use this FREE remodeling budget plan to assign costs and budget items:

download FREE our budgeting worksheet


Estimate Costs
use this cost estimator to get an approximate cost for some remodeling projects within your area:

view project estimator


View Money Saving Tip$$$
Before you start your project, get these tips on how to avoid costly mistakes and to reduce your remodeling costs:

view money saving tips


Build Up Your Credit Score
Check and build up your credit to ensure low credit costs when it's time to finance your project:

get your FREE credit report for review


Understand How Best to Finance
When you are ready to begin the project, understand how best to finance your home improvement:

click for financing guide


Build Up Rebate Points
as you shop supplies, materials, services, etc., for your home improvement, use a rebate credit card to build up rebates for cash and other benefits:

view recommended rebate card programs


Manage the Project to Avoid Cost Overruns
understand worker relations, change management, cost management and more

view project management guide under our services guide


Lower Monthly Bills
Expense reductions strategies to lower housing, living costs, transportation, family care and more:

link to our "lowering your bills" guide

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