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vinca flower
vinca flower

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Tell me about vinca –


  • Light:  full sun    –    Height:  6-12 inches; 1-3 feet    –   Width:  8-36 inches    –    Season:  summer and fall blooms   –    Features:  low maintenance, drought tolerate, good for containers    –    Propagation:  seed, stem cuttings    –    Zones:  2-11: INFO: view growing zones
  • About vinca: the vinca flower is an annual plant that thrives well in zones 2-11 – that means it will bloom all season long until the first frost. It may return as a perennial in warmer clients. The leaf has a beautiful, glossy color with flower on top. Flower colors include purple, red, white and pink.
  • It is great flower planting by itself or in combination with other drought tolerant flowers such a petunia, salvia, and geranium: INFO: planting petunias, vinca, and salvia
  • Garden Planning: They grow nicely in flower beds with a height at approximately 6-12 inches (and taller in some regions). The vinka plant is drought tolerant – meaning you can plant them in areas that receive little water. They thrive is full sunlight on a hot summer day. They grow taller and wider during the season with full color: INFO:does vinca like the sun
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