photos: The Fall Season Begins – Here Comes the Beautiful Fall Colors

The Fall Season Begins – Here Comes the Beautiful Fall Colors

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fall season begins

copyright image by Pixabay

Fall officially begins …


  • It began last Monday (September 23), the day of the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the one day out of two (the other being the Spring Equinox) when the sun is located just above the Earth’s equator and the day light and night time hours are about equal:
    INFO: equinoxes | national geographic
  • And with each passing day past the Autumnal Equinox, the daylight hours becomes shorter – giving less sunshine that tree leaves need for photosynthesis – a process where plants use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water:
    INFO: what is photosynthesis
  • With less sunshine, leaves begin to lose their “green” pigment and change into the wonderful colors we enjoy during the fall season.
  • QUESTION? Where’s the best area to view fall colors? Probably around your current area – but, there are some noted regions that are spectacular:
    INFO: 10 best fall foliage trips in the U.S.
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fall season begins

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If you have trees …


  • Then you will enjoy the beautiful fall foliage in your backyard or perhaps taking short trip out of town. It will be a splendid view for the entire family to enjoy and discuss the changing of the leaves. And while you are at it, stop by a local shop for nice snack or drink.
  • Most trees turn yellow – but you can certainly find some trees with orange and deep reds. It is the question of the kind of trees that you have in your area that will give you vibrant colors in the fall.
  • QUESTION? what tree should you plant for fall colors

    INFO: best trees for fall color

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fall season begins

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Let’s go with the reds


  • No doubt that the deep red leaves during fall season are spectacular. Sugar maples have some of the most vivid red colors – and you will find sugar maples throughout most of New England. That is one reason why these area have some of the most beautiful fall foliage seasons:
    INFO: bestsee fall foliage in New England
  • But you can find in your nursery many other trees that will grow nicely in your area that give the red color during the fall. Check your local nursery. A driveway lined with shade trees in the summer that turn majestically red in the fall is just what you need for your own fall foliage tour.
  • QUESTION? what if I want reds for the fall?

    INFO: learn about trees with red foliage in fall

    red maplessweetgum trees

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fall season begins

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Can you take this picture?


  • As you take the back roads to view the fall foliage, make sure to have a camera to capture the beautiful scenery. True, you can use your phone – but what about a professional camera to capture the perfect scene?
  • And if you do take your camera, do you know how to take the perfect picture like the image noted above. The ability to capture light in a way that gives you the most perfect shot.
  • QUESTION? what type camera for outdoor scenes

    INFO: best cameras for landscape photography 2019

    DSLR camerascamera tripod

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fall season begins

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Enjoy the season


  • You might need to travel a short distance to enjoy the fall show – that’s okay. You could make this trip as your fall vacation getaway.
  • The fall leaf season will begin late September up north and continue further south through November. It is a welcome scene as we prepare for the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.
  • QUESTION? when is the best time to view fall colors by region and month:

    INFO: fall foliage map
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