photos: Keeping In Touch With Weather

Keeping In Touch With Weather

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first “photo remodeling” image

wall weather station decor

copyright image by https://pixabay

Rustic weather station


  • We really don’t need these manual weather stations anymore.
  • With our mobile devices, we can check everything weather with a simple push.
  • But wait a minute! Wouldn’t these manual weather stations look nice as garden decor?
  • And just maybe you will opt to view the weather readings instead of pulling out your phone.
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second “photo remodeling” image

vintage weather station

copyright image by https://pixabay

Vintage weather station


  • A bit old – but look how classic it looks on this vintage house.
  • It adds as a nice decor piece plus a quick glance at current temperatures.
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third “photo remodeling” image

barn clock

copyright image by

Outdoor clock on shed door


  • We have displayed the vintage above – now let’s show the new.
  • Note how this outdoor clock and weather station adds to the garden decor.
  • And while you are working in the garden, it’s nice to look up to get the time.
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Sample Product Images


  • Selection of selective weather station decor images from select merchants.
  • Simply tab to view product types.
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fourth “photo remodeling” image

outdoor thermometer

copyright image by https://pixabay

Simple thermometer for weather check


  • Sometimes your mobile device may not work out in the field.
  • Installing a simple temperature monitor or other weather station may be just what you need.

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fifth and last “photo remodeling” image

weather station

copyright image by

Home weather station


  • You just can’t discount the sophistication of home weather stations.
  • You may have your weather art outside. But inside, you have the latest technology
    to keep up with weather around your home.
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