photos: Machines to Help You Clean Your House

Machines to Help You Clean Your House

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machines to help clean

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Cleaning has become a lot easier


  • Cleaning your home is not fun – and in days past, it took a lot time to get the cleaning done right.
  • But now with some nice machines to help you clean – cleaning the home has become a bit easier.
  • These claaning machines are more efficient than the old scrub brush using a little muscle.
  • Once such machine is the portable canister vacuum – you can use the canister tube to get into places such as vents – window seals – and hard to reach places.
  • And other places The canister vacuum with a tubed-end brush is perfect for cleaning wood floors, brush down curtains, sweep walls, and remove ceiling molding dust and webs. And don’t forget the portability the vacuum gives you when cleaning your auto.
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machines to help clean

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Welcome the robotic


  • Hate to vacuum? No more stress – welcome to your home the robotic vacuum.
  • It has a built-in sensor to know where to go and what area of the floor that needs to be vacuumed.
  • Just set it up in any room and let it go – you will be suprised how well the robot works and cleans.
  • Make sure you give it boundaries It’s best to setup boundaries for a particular area to be cleaned. For example, you can shut the bedroom and bathroom doors and the robot will clean just the hallway. Then move the robot into one of the bedrooms with the door shut. The robot will vacuum just on the bedroom area – including under your bed.
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machines to help clean

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Upholstery cleaners


  • You will be surprised how dirty your upholstery becomes over time.
  • In the olden days, cleaning upholstry generally required a professional with sophisticated chemicals and machines.
  • Not anymore! A simple upholstry machine can be used as needed to get you sofas and chairs looking new.
  • Make it a combo The machines today can function both as an upholstery and carpet/rug cleaner. If you think your upholstery is dirty, imagine how dirtier are your carpets and rugs may be. Pick up one of these machines and your carpets and upholstery can be cleaned within the afternoon.
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machines to help clean

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Dust mops


  • Something you will need for wood floors – to protect and preserve your wood floor investment.
  • Nothing new about this “dust mop” technology – except maybe how to best collect and discard the dust.
  • These mops are quick and easy to use – you can sweep your wood floor within seconds to keep the floor clean and scratch free.
  • How often That depends on your climate and household. If you live in a dusty climate with alot of kids coming in and out of the house, you might need to dust mop your floor more often to keep it protected. So use the dust mop once each day – then use your canister vacuum weekly to get your wood floors a good suction cleaning.
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machines to help clean

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Do you have a power washer


  • You will find that a power washer is a very handy, and much need power cleaning machine for both inside and outside of your home.
  • They come with all types of nozzles and power levels to safety clean tile grout and to remove mildew from your sidewalks and home siding.
  • These are very powerful machines Depending on the size and power of the machine, you can find just what you need to clean stubborn stains. Most of these machines are gas powered – but you can find electric power washer for interior surfaces.
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