photos: Storing Food for Later Use and Emergency

Storing Food for Later Use and Emergency

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storing food

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Why learning to store food?


  • We live in an abundant time – we simply go to the nearest store and buy any food item you want or need.
  • But what if … the delivery trucks fail to deliver based on storage of supplies or a truck strike …
  • And what if … a huge storm breaks through and you witness a huge run at the store and no trucks can get in to resupply the store.
  • Do you have enough stored food to last you and your family a day or two … how about one week or more?
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storing food

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Vacuumed packed bag of beans


  • Learning how to can and store food is a valuable skill in those moments of disaster or economic times.
  • You could lose your job, for example – meaning you have to reduce costs until another job can be secured.
  • Living off stored food can help keep your living costs down when money is tight.
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storing spices

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Storing grains, spices, and herbs


  • Another benefit of food storage is shopping spices, herbs and grains when they go on sale.
  • You buy several cases at reduced costs and set them up as food storage.
  • You then have an ample supply of your favorite herb and spices when and as you need.
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storing food

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Harvesting your garden


  • Another benefit of learning food storage (and pickling) is using the bounty from your garden harvest.
  • It is a great reward to see your garden produce a lot food at the time of harvest.
  • Learning how to store and pickle your harvest will allow you to enjoy the bounty months from now.
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storing food

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Legumes and beans in hermetic jars


  • legumes and bean can be easily stored – and they can last for years.
  • You just need to understand how to cook with beans to make your favorite dish.
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