ideas: Solar Garden Lighting When Wired Lighting Is Too Expensive

Solar Garden Lighting When Wired Lighting Is Too Expensive

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  • You would love to bathe your yard and home in lighting during the night, but it requires expensive setup and wiring.

    Have you consider using solar garden lighting - the technology may surprise you.

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solar garden lighting

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Solar garden lighting to illuminate your landscape


  • If you spend quality time fixing up your landscape and exterior home, then you need to show it off at night.
  • But the cost of running wires underground and establishing lighting outlets may be too expensive.
  • Not to mention the electrical costs is keep your home and garden lit up at night.
  • So another option is solar garden lights – easily installed that charges by day to give you illumination by night.
  • Why solar spot lights? You use spot lighting to illuminate a tree, an outbuilding and/or your home. But understand that solar lighting is not as powerful in illumination as wired lighting. And the illumination of solar will weaken by the hour. But the costs to operate is nothing.
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solar garden lighting

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Lighting with some decor


  • Some of the available solar lighting comes in interesting shapes and colors.
  • They can function as decor during the day – and illumination during the night.
  • And unlike wired lighting, they can be easily placed and moved around the garden with ease.
  • New technology in garden lighting? Check out the new technology for solar lights – ones where you can operate via WIFI and change colors and hues as ease. Something you may want to experiment with as you design you garden lighting plan.


    wifi solar garden lightschanging color solar lighting

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solar garden lighting

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You want to keep it professional


  • Of course, you may want to keep your garden lighting looking professional – as if a lighting contractor installed your lights.
  • There are many garden layout plans to review online – most are for wired plans – they will give you a good idea on how your layout should be:
    INFO: how to install landscape lighting
  • And the solar lighting products look just like a professional job.
  • There has to be sun! That is the one deficiency of solar lighting – they need plenty of sun to give you bright illumination all night long. So placing a solar unit under shade or within a tree or in an area where the sun only shines on the unit for 1-2 hours will work but may not give you bright and full illumination through the night. That will limit how to professionally station your lighting units.


    solar pathway lightssolar post lighting

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solar garden lighting

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Solar lighting will weaken over the night hours


  • The battery components of solar lights are getting better and stronger over time.
  • But they cannot match the power and illumination than a direct wired connection.
  • But that may be okay – just enough illumination in the evening with wanning illumination during the later and dawn hours.
  • Shaded landscape? Your landscaping may be have a lot of trees that shade most your yard. So what can you do? Consider solar panel cells that can be stationed where the sun shines. Those cells can then be wired to lighting elements throughout your garden and deck/patio.


    solar panel cellssolar panel kits

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solar garden lighting

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They can be used for safety


  • Solar path lighting – installed along a path – can give illumination to keep people safe when they come for a visit.
  • Outdoor pathways and sidewalks can easily trip someone when its dark.
  • Offering some illumination provides the safety they need as they walk your pathway or sidewalk at night.
  • How many pathway lights? Keep them evenly spaced so that you have good illumination along the pathway. Again, each light must have sunlight to stay fully charged. So positioned them to receive the best sun exposure to give you bright illumination throughout the night.
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