ideas: Adding Something Neat for Your Child Bedroom

Adding Something Neat for Your Child Bedroom

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child bedroom look

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For those girls’ sleepover


  • Young girls are keen for sleepovers.
  • They love the idea of staying up late at night to talk about school – boys – friends – and everything in between.
  • And when they are tired, they simply hit the bed and let their worries fade away.
  • So having access to a second bed back-to-back allows them to remain close even after they turned off the lights.
  • The color green This shade of green is a perfect color for a girls room. Look how it matches nicely with the pinkish tones thoughout the room. The corner shelving gives your girl a place to decorate with their favorite things.
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child bedroom look

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For that “car-minded” boy


  • Little boys love adventure – particularly the idea of driving and racing their own car.
  • So shower them with affection by giving them a room that expresses their dreams.
  • An auto bed frame – with race wheels – racing pictures – and the word “car” are some the ideas your little boy will appreciate.
  • And do they love baseball? Then a baseball mit-shape chair with baseball-like stool is just the thing you need to decorate your boy’s bedroom. It will become a favorate room as they age through those young years.>br /> What comments can you share?

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child bedroom look

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Keeping their room neat


  • That is where storage management systems come in – along with a house rule that bedroom need to remain neat – a nice child bedroom look.
  • Ideas include storage bins that slide easily in and out – and a storage bed where they can store all of their collected stuff.
  • Teaching them to be tidy – and to organize – are good life skills that will follow them into college and beyond.
  • Where is this bedroom? If you look outside through the window, you will note that the bedroom is tucked within the basement. A smart use of basement space. But what if there was a basement fire, how would they escape?


    basement well escapefire escape ladder

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child bedroom look

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Adding room features to spruce up the room


  • Features like built-out shelving with shelf coves.
  • This is an inexpensive way to add some interesting design and decor to the bedroom.
  • Each shelf has a narrow slot for simple docor items – keeps the bedroom from looking cluttered.
  • Note the woodwork Beautifully design woodwork with trim around each shelf. Looks like a nice furniture piece built into the wall.
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child bedroom look

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Unconvential way to shower your older ones


  • Let’s start from scratch and build out something interesting that they might enjoy.
  • First step is a custom bedframe made of pallets and wood studs – painted rain clouds on the wall – wall ladder to hold bed linens – and a large yellow bell clock for decor and keeping time.
  • Will they love this look? Maybe not as a toddler – but they certainly will as they grow older. Those early teenage years is when you need to be creative to tone down their fickleness and their me-attitude.
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