photos: Some Swimming Pool Additions You May Want to Consider

Some Swimming Pool Additions You May Want to Consider

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swimming pool additions

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Making your swimming pool more valuable


  • In-ground swimming pools are fun for the entire family – especially during those hot summer days.
  • But over time, the pool seems to get less used as your kids and other family members find other activities.
  • So maybe it’s time to add something to the pool that will rekindle everyones interest.
  • Something like a hot tob section – where you can enjoy both hot and cold water experience.
  • It could be a reconstruction Discuss adding a hot tub with a pool contractor. They will likely take a section of the pool and partition is off as a hot tub area. Something that can be used during the winter months to enjoy your pool area during the off season.
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swimming pool additions

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Diving competition


  • If your swimming pool has the proper depth, installing a diving board could be the ticket to get your kids to become competitive.
  • Sponsor a diving contest how who can give the best dive – the most tuck in’s – etc.
  • Who knows, they may take this experience and compete on their school or club’s diving team.
  • Other fun pool games you can find varying types of swimming pool games that arouse interest in family swimming. Fun water games like pool volleyball – basketball – chicken fight and more.


    pool volleyballpool basketballchicken fight

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swimming pool additions

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Landscaped waterfall with slide


  • Make your swimming pool come alive with the use of a water fall to circulate the pool water.
  • Landscape the waterfall surrounding rock formations to give your pool a more natural look.
  • And for the kids (and adults), a fun water slide that takes them down under the waterfall.
  • Adding to the landscape Note the landscape that makes up the pool area – it looks as though the pool area has been carved out of a rock. It offers a nice look to look to the backyard area.


    swimming pool waterfallswimming pool slide

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swimming pool additions

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Make it all season


  • Increase your swimming pool usage by making it all season – by enclosing it for both summer and off-season use.
  • You can find retractable or simular enclosures that opens up in the summer and then close for the winter.
  • That will give you year-round use of your pool.
  • Keeping the bugs out Another advantage of enclosures – particularly the one illustrated above – is to keep the summer bugs and pest away from your swimming enjoyment. No more mosquitos or rodents falling into the pool. And then during the off season, the screened-in panals are replaced with glass panel to give the warmth to enjoy a winter swim.


    pool enclosurepool heaters

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swimming pool additions

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Landscaping the pool area


  • Maybe your swimming pool area has lost its appeal – it’s just too dull looking to really enjoy the swimming experience.
  • How about landscaping your pool area – expanding the pool deck area – adding some hardscapes – and combining it with an outdoor patio entertainment center:
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  • Recreating your pool perhaps it’s time to recreate the pool look. Instead of a “common” backyard pool look, maybe something that changes your entiro pool design and landscape

    IDEAS: rock-studded swimming pools
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