photos: Taking Care of a Fish Pond

Taking Care of a Fish Pond

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fish pond

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Decorative fish pond with water fall


  • Backyard fish ponds are becoming the craze of landscape designers.
  • Designed correctly, these ponds can have fish or no fish – the pond could be just a pond.
  • If you have fish, then stocking the waters with colorful gold and other fish makes your
    backyard pond a decorative place to visit, watch and relax by.
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fish pond

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Small garden pond with decorative rocks and boardwalk


  • Adding aquatic plants make a nice touch for any pond.
  • Aquatic plants help clean and nurture the pond for fish and other animal life.
  • They also add some color for your landscaping view.
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fish pond

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Beautiful water lily


  • Water lilies are noted as emergent plants – rooted shoreline plants that stand above the water surface.
  • There are many emergent plants to select plus other varieties.
  • These include floating plants – submerged plants – emergent plants: view variety types
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Assortment of water lilies and fish


  • A very colorful pond with varied color shades of water lilies and fish.
  • You can see why a fish pond of this design is becoming popular with landscapers.
  • But note that fish ponds (and many other ponds) take maintenance to keep ponds clean and algae free.
  • And don’t forget to protect your fish from predators.
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fish pond

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Creative designs to decorate the fish pond


  • Ponds allow you to be creative in design and decor.
  • Add some pots, statues, waterfalls, relics – your choice – anything that defines
    your landscape look and design.
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