photos: Time To Start Your Vegetable Garden

Time To Start Your Vegetable Garden

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vegetable chart

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Planning a background vegetable garden


  • If you live within a climate zone where the freeze has passed, it’s time
    to plan your vegetable garden: view freeze zone
  • Planning begins with deciding which type of fresh vegetables you would like to harvest.
  • There are all kind of varieties (note at right) – but some vegetables are better for you: view which ones
  • You may also want to plant vegetables that can be canned or freezed for future use: view types
  • What comments can you share?

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furrowed field

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Step1: plow and furrow


  • Your first step in planting a vegetable garden is preparing the planting area.
  • That requires tilling and cultivating: view how to prepare garden
  • Prepping your ground is important for plant and water management

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garden seeding

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Step2: plant seed


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garden love

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Step3: add tender love and care


  • You now need to take care of your garden through the growing season.
  • Challenges will be watering, thinning, fertilizing, weeding, pest and
    insect control, diseases and other.
  • Each garden area is different – it takes experience over time to manage
    it correctly: view troubleshooting

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garden irrigation

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vegetable garden harvest

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Step4: bring in the harvest


  • Wha la!, at the end of season you get to bring in the harvest.
  • It may not be the best the first time you do this, but with each season you get better.
  • Now you need to can and freeze those vegetables that can be preserved.
  • What comments can you share?

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